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Quarantine Beauty Reset for Better Hair, Skin & Nails

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April 3, 2020

Many people, including myself, are finding that maintaining our regular beauty routines during quarantine helps restore a feeling of normality. I’ve found major comfort by applying a full face of makeup, and even going the extra mile of getting dressed to go out. However, with the stay-at-home orders, now is an even better time to reset your beauty routine entirely— especially when you’re not going to be seen by people outside of your household for a while.

Quarantine Beauty Routine: Get Better Hair, Skin and Nails at Home | Slashed Beauty

What do I mean by a beauty reset? Cutting back on using certain products for a period of time can help restore the natural beauty and health of your hair, skin and nails. Here are some tips to take advantage of the time at home, and come out of quarantine looking and feeling fierce as ever.

Brushing healthier hair after a deep conditioning treatment | Quarantine Beauty Routine: Get Better Hair, Skin and Nails at Home | Slashed Beauty

Stay At Home Hair Reset:

If you currently use heat tools regularly, this would be the opportune time to give them a rest. Not only will this help reduce heat damage and make it easier to restore moisture, but you may even get more comfortable with styling and wearing your hair in its natural texture.

Try a deep conditioning mask to nourish your hair, and repeat on a weekly basis as a way to pamper yourself and give your hair much-needed TLC. My favorite at the drugstore is the L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner ($4.99 at Target). In one wash, you get noticeably softer, smoother hair with less frizz.

Do you deal with dry scalp or dandruff? Your face isn’t the only skin that benefits from exfoliation! Try the Yes to Tea Tree Pre-Shampoo Scalp Scrub ($7.99 on Amazon) which helps cleanse the roots of product buildup and dead skin. For an extra boost, use a scalp massaging brush ($13.99 on Amazon) to work in the scrub and your shampoo. The vibrating brush uses silicone bristles to clear buildup and increase circulation.

Doing an At Home DIY Facial | Quarantine Beauty Tips: Get Better Hair, Skin and Nails at Home | Slashed Beauty

Stay At Home Skin Reset:

Give your skin some time to breathe by either going all natural without makeup for a few days at a time, or at least wearing less product. If you struggle with breakouts, this is a great way to pinpoint which product isn’t playing nicely with your skin.

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Try a DIY facial (you can see my routine here) to treat any skin concerns you have. I’ve been doing them regularly to target my acne, hyperpigmentation and to achieve a natural glow.

Don’t pick at blemishes! Since you don’t have to worry about being seen, let any problem areas heal on their own and avoid touching them. This can help you steer clear of dark spots and increased inflammation.

Applying Londontown Kur Nail Hardener | Growing Stronger Nails while Salons are Closed | Quarantine Beauty Tips: Get Better Hair, Skin and Nails at Home | Slashed Beauty

Stay At Home Nails Reset:

With salons closed, you’re probably not getting refills of dip, gel or acrylic manicures. If you can, remove your grown out manicure with acetone. Especially if you’ve been wearing fake nails for a while, your natural nails will probably feel thin and flexible. It’s important to use a nail strengthening base coat, such as the Londontown Kur Nail Hardener ($18 at Ulta Beauty) to help fortify and nourish them. Try out my three-product nail growth routine to get your nails in great shape in time for your next manicure… or even better, to keep them natural after quarantine!

And finally, to kill three birds with one stone, you might consider working a supplement into your routine like the Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair Skin & Nails Multivitamin ($11.98 on Amazon) which contains Biotin and antioxidants. On top of your other efforts, this will help boost your beauty from within.

How have you changed your beauty routine in quarantine?

  1. Amanda Pamblanco
    | Reply

    Great recommendations Miranda! I’ve taken this time to to hair masks as well. My hair is definitely thanking me LOL.

    xx, Amanda

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