New Year’s Clutch Essentials: What to Pack for a Night Out

With New Year’s coming up, you better have your party clutch ready! Chances are, you’ll probably be staying out late, whether you’re kicking it a friends house or going all out at da club. Wherever you’ll be when the clock strikes midnight, you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed your New Year’s clutch with everything you need to feel and look great all night.

Don't leave these essentials at home! Here's what to pack in your New Year's clutch for a great night out. | Slashed Beauty

1. Cute Clutch Opt for a small bag on New Year’s so that a large purse doesn’t weigh you down. This envelope style clutch is holographic, so it makes a statement while matching whatever outfit you’ve got on.
2. Charging Phone Case Snapchat, Instagram, and live stream without worrying about your phone battery. This case will give you a full charge when you need it to stay connected all night.
3. Perfume Rollerball Smell pleasant throughout the night by packing a perfume rollerball with you. It’ll make a lasting impression on everyone you get close with. My recommendation: Lavanila Vanilla Coconut Fragrance.
4. Mini Nail Files Don’t get caught with a broken nail in all of the chaos. A mini nail file is an essential whenever you go out to fix nail emergencies!
5. Decorative Hair Tie Dancing the night away? I bet you’ll resort to pulling your hair up and out of your face by the end of the night. Do it in style with a decorative hair tie like Pulleez, and it will look like you totally meant to style your hair that way in the first time with their decorative metallic charms.
6. Oil Absorbing Sheets Whisk away sweat and oil with oil absorbing sheets. They’ll help preserve your face makeup all night and take away that grimy face feel.
7. Breath Mints Who will you be kissing when the ball drops? Whomever it is, they deserve the courtesy of fresh breath!
8. Makeup Remover Pen Do you suffer from smudging liner when you’re out late, or need to touch up a smear after your New Year’s smooch? A makeup remover pen can help you clean up makeup that looks less than fresh.
A Go-To Lip Color Make sure you bring your lip color of the night with you for touch-ups. Choose a bold shade to stand out in photos! My recommendation: the Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes.

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What do you pack in your New Year’s clutch to prepare for a long night out?


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