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NEW Real Techniques Miracle Sponge Collection

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June 14, 2017

It’s no secret that the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is my favorite blender in the game. It’s affordable with a great size and shape to take care of my face makeup flawlessly.

Are you as crazy about the little orange miracle worker as I am? Well hold on to your hats! While the brand recently added new sponges to the mix last fall, they’ve done it again with six new versions! They all cater to specific functions in your beauty routine to give you convenience and great performance on a budget. At this point, you might even find yourself wanting more sponges than brushes in your collection with how much these multitask.

Keep reading to get acquainted with all of the sponges that now accompany the OG sponge.

Miracle Face + Body Sponge ($7.99)

This one may look familiar, because it’s essential a huge version of the original Miracle Complexion Sponge. It’s got all the same benefits, like the intuitive shape, just with much more surface area to work with application on a larger scale. You can use it to add coverage to your chest, torso, arms and legs! This is a great solution for all-over highlighting, bronzing or self tanning.

Mini Eraser Sponge($5.99)

This was one of the two new sponges that launched last fall. The Mini Eraser Sponge helps you clean up around the eye area. Dust off fall-out or create sharper lines with the flat edges. Use the pointed edge to get under the lower lash line and sweep away mascara smudges. Each pack comes with two.

Miracle Cleansing Sponge – left ($5.99)

Although it looks similar to a konjac, it’s actually squishy when dry! This cleansing sponge gives you gentle exfoliation with any liquid cleanser, getting into every corner of your face to buff away dirt, oil and makeup.

Miracle Sculpting Sponge – right ($5.99)

The second sponge that joined the line last fall, this sculpture is the perfect shape to do your cream contour, highlight and blush all in one!

Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges ($7.99)

Itty bitty versions of the original, these mini sponges (similar to the micro.mini beautyblenders) are some of my favorite to use. They multitask to the max, being able to blend with the rounded side, apply makeup precisely with the pointed tip, or contour smaller areas like the nose with the flat edge. I particularly like these for cream highlight, as the larger sponge can sometimes be less targeted. Each pack comes with four.

Miracle Contour Wedges ($9.99)

I was most perplexed by the shape of this addition. These wedges are designed to get an easy contour— use the tip to apply, the round edge to blend and the flat edge to buff. These have taken the longest for me to get the hang of but I will say that I like using the edge of the flat side to get really dramatic contour borders! Each pack comes with four.

Miracle Finish Sponge ($5.99)

This sponge is more porous, meaning you’ll get lighter and more buildable application with your cream products. It’s great for a more natural looking foundation look, or to apply thin layers of cream blush. I use it for sheering out thicker formulas.

Dual-Ended Expert Sponge ($5.99)

This sponge is the same in size and shape as the original, though the stiffer texture helps attain fuller coverage and the two colors help you keep like products together. Use the orange side for foundation, and the pink side for contour, highlight or blush. This way if you re-use before a deep clean, you’re not running the risk of mixing product.

Miracle Blotting Cushions ($8.99)

Finally, we have these little slices that work to blot away shine for a mattified and smooth finish. They can take the place of endless blotting papers, and can also be used as puffs for touch up or setting powder. I’ve loved these as the weather’s getting warmer to keep oil under control! One pack comes with four, which will last you a while when regularly cleaned.

Shop the entire Miracle Sponge Collection:

Which is your favorite Real Techniques sponge?

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  1. eringkanegmailcom
    | Reply

    I was glad to see Real Techniques expand their sponge collection as I’m such a huge fan of the original complexion sponge!


    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      Same!! Now I’m using the Minis the most!

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