New from oVertone: Magenta Hair Coloring Conditioners!

Sponsored by oVertone. All opinions are my own.

That moment when you color your hair black right before oVertone comes out with three new shades… dang it! Well, even though I won’t be able to use these semi-permanent shades until my hair fades to a lighter starting color, I wanted to keep you in the loop with the newest color to join the oVertone family: Magenta!

Magenta will now come in three levels of intensity: Pastel Magenta, Vibrant Magenta, and Extreme Magenta for whatever look you’re going for. In my experience using oVertone products, Pastel should be reserved for very light blonde to platinum hair for best results, whereas Vibrant and Extreme shades will add color to hair shades as deep as light/medium brown.

The Magenta collection consists of both Coloring Conditioners (formerly known as their Deep Treatments) as well as the Daily Conditioners. The Coloring Conditioners can be used as a thorough hair coloring product, or in-shower as a deep conditioner to refresh the vibrancy of your color while nourishing your hair. The Daily Conditioners are exactly what their name suggests– a bit less intense than the Coloring Conditioners and meant to replenish any color that gets lost during daily washes.

I used oVertone the entire time I had purple hair, and it helped my color stay vibrant for months. As long as I used one of their products every time I washed my hair, I didn’t need to recolor for about three months at a time. Even with my new black hair, which I used oVertone Rich Black Coloring Conditioner to achieve (watch the video here) I’ll be turning to their products to keep it looking nice and inky.

You can find the new oVertone Magenta shades today on their website and Amazon.


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