New Drugstore Makeup & Beauty Launches: March 2018

Now that we are officially in spring according to our calendars, the beauty releases are in full force. We saw several new launches from our favorite drugstore beauty brands, and some that had been hyped up for months finally hitting the shelves.

Check out the new drugstore makeup and beauty launches hitting shelves in March 2018! | Slashed Beauty

Some of the new drugstore beauty releases have landed across my own desk, though some have only made it to my wishlist. Check out the new makeup you can expect to see on shelves this month, and let me know which ones you’d be interested in taking a closer look at.


Almay Long Lasting Brow Color: Check out the new drugstore makeup and beauty launches hitting shelves in March 2018! | Slashed Beauty

Long Lasting Brow Color ($8.99)
I am incredibly interesting in trying this— I even did a double-take when I saw it for the first time at Walgreens. This peel-off brow color is so similar to a K-Beauty product I heard about years ago that was very popular on YouTube. You basically brush the formula on, creating a thick layer that is like a masque. Once it dries, you’re able to peel off the pigment layer to reveal tinted brows! I never tried the original K-Beauty product, but now that this one is so accessible, I really have no excuse, do I? Have you ever tried a product like this?


New Katy Kat Makeup from COVERGIRL: Check out the new drugstore makeup and beauty launches hitting shelves in March 2018! | Slashed Beauty

Katy Kat Palette ($12.99)
Any cat lover will appreciate the new Katy Perry x COVERGIRL products— especially these small eyeshadow palettes! Each has 10 shades that can give you a range of complete looks, with cute cat embossments smack dab in the middle. Hot Kat is on the neutral side with some champagne and rose gold shades, while Cool Kat has some bold pastels that are classically Katy Perry.

Katy Kat Gloss ($7.99)
Available both alone and in Body Glitter kits, this lip gloss is supposed to be thick and shiny— not for the faint of heart! The texture is supposed to feel soft, creamy and moisturizing but still offer full coverage color. I’m skeptical, but they do claim it’s not sticky or tacky. There are twelve shades in this line, from conventional pinks and reds to bold blues and purples.

Katy Kat Wink False Lashes ($7.99)
Does anyone remember Katy’s original lash collaboration with Eyelure? I was obsessed with those, and the stickers they came with (which are still on a water bottle I use for the gym!) Anyway, we have a whole new line with three lash styles. You’re covered whether you want natural falsies, a little extra volume, or statement eyes.

Derma E

New Derma E powder sunscreen: Check out the new drugstore makeup and beauty launches hitting shelves in March 2018! | Slashed Beauty

Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30 ($21.95)
I absolutely love the idea of brush-on mineral SPF. Sure, I can commit myself to applying SPF at the beginning of the day since so many of my makeup products contain protection. But we all know the key to sun protection is being diligent about re-application. How do you do that for your face once you already have makeup on? Brush-on SPF! Derma E collaborated with influencer Ash Deleon (@iheartmakeupart) and created this translucent powder that will keep your skin shielded.

Advanced Peptide and Collagen Serum ($30)
This wrinkle-buster just got a makeover itself. The Advanced Peptide and Collagen Serum addresses deep lines and wrinkles, plus can help support healthy collagen with powerful plant antioxidants. Vitamin C and Green Tea help promote a youthful-looking complexion.


New Neutrogena Sheet Masks: Check out the new drugstore makeup and beauty launches hitting shelves in March 2018! | Slashed Beauty

Neutrogena just released three new sheet masks featuring their popular gel formula. The hydrogel material of the masks help seal in the formula, so it sinks into your skin more efficiently. It also contours to your face for a more comfortable fit.

Radiance Boost Brightening Hydrogel Mask ($2.99)
This mask contains Vitamin B3 to boost skin radiance and smooth out uneven texture. It helps moisturize and leave your skin luminous with a natural glow.

Hydro Boost Hydrating Hyrogel Mask ($2.99)
If you love their Hydro Boost moisturizer, you’ll love this mask. Packed with hyaluronic acid, this will instantly and intensely hydrate your skin for a beautiful glow and healthy feel.

Deep Clean Purifying Hydrogel Mask ($2.99)
Containing seaweed extract, this gentle purifying mask soothes and refreshes your skin for a clean feel.


New Pixi Pretties Palettes with Dulce Candy & Chloe Morello: Check out the new drugstore makeup and beauty launches hitting shelves in March 2018! | Slashed Beauty

We have a new batch of Pixi collaborations with influencers that have brought us some fun new products and palettes.

Palette Chloette ($24)
Next, we have a partnership with Chloe Morello in a palette that is more my speed. The Palette Chloette is an all-in-one where you can find shades for your lids, brows, and cheeks. I love palettes like this for traveling.

Cafe Con Dulce ($24)
The brand’s collab with YouTuber Dulce Candy includes this 9-pan multi-use palette. The shades can be used for both the lids and cheeks as shadow, highlight or blush/bronzer. I love being able to use products for several purposes, and can see this fitting in well with any collection.

Dulce’s Lip Candy ($24)
Dulce’s second release with Pixi is a lip palette, which leans very pink and rosy. They don’t specify whether these are more of a lipstick or lipgloss formula, but they are supposed to have good color payoff, plus hydration with its antioxidant-rich formula. I’m personally not a huge fan of lip palettes since they make it hard to reapply throughout the day.

Dimensional Eye Creator ($20)
This makeup kit is in collaboration with Weylie Hoang, and gives you the basics for multiple eye looks. The 6-pan shadow palette includes a good balance of mattes and shimmers, and you get a dual ended eyeliner with both kohl and liquid formulas. The shadows and liner have been reviewed to be very pigmented— these could be your new every-day go-tos!

Lip Icing ($14)
Chloe’s second product with Pixi is Lip Icing— a liquid gloss that adds a three-dimensional glimmer, You can use it alone for an outrageous shine, or add a glow on top of any lip color. It is infused with rose hip & marula oil to nourish as it glistens.


New Revlon Color Charge Collection: Check out the new drugstore makeup and beauty launches hitting shelves in March 2018! | Slashed Beauty

Revlon just released the limited edition Color Charge collection, just in time for bright spring looks. The entire collection contains a whopping 39 items— mostly new shades of core products. Some of the most exciting launches in my opinion are:

ColorStay Color Charge Shadow Palette in Color Collage ($12.99)
I’m actually super impressed with this colorful eyeshadow palette, which I recently used in my festival makeup tutorial. You get pretty great pigmentation, especially with the satin shades, and a wide spectrum of shades for your boldest looks. This is a really handy palette if you tend to stick to neutrals, and need a small collection of bright colors for special occasions.

Color Charge Loose Pigment ($8.49)
I’ve been getting used to using loose pigment in my makeup looks recently, since you can pack on a solid layer of color easily for a big impact. The new Color Charge Loose Pigment comes in 5 shades: Copper, Fuchsia, Gold Dust, Holographic, and Lilac Twinkle.

Color Charge Liquid Illuminator ($12.99)
Does anyone remember the Revlon Skinlights Illuminator? I have a very strong feeling that these are similar. I absolutely love liquid highlight, and knowing Revlon’s past formulas for the product, I have a feeling I’m going to like this one too!

Color Charge Lip Powder Palette ($7.97)
This one I’m still on the fence about. There are two palettes available, and the powder is supposed to amp up any lip look. You can use it on bare lips or on top of lipstick or gloss. I can see it working well to highlight and maybe make the lips more poutier, but I’m curious to see what the darker shades look like. They’re supposed to have a metallic finish, as well, which I haven’t had the best luck with on my lips.

Color Charge Super Lustrous Lipstick ($4.85)
There are 10 new shades of Revlon’s Lustrous Lipstick that fall under the Color Charge family. We have a few neutrals, a couple hot reds, and some bold purples and pinks.
There are matte and creme finishes that supposedly both go on with opaque color and a moisturizing feel.

Color Charge Super Lustrous Lip Lacquer ($5.92)
The line also includes 6 new limited editions hades of the Super Lustrous Lip Lacquer, a silky gloss that’s supposed to boost hydration without stickiness. All but one of the new shades is bright and bold, but they threw in a nude gloss to balance out bright eyes, too.

Jesse’s Girl

New Jesse's Girl Lipsticks: Check out the new drugstore makeup and beauty launches hitting shelves in March 2018! | Slashed Beauty

Signature Style Lipstick ($4.99)
So excited to see this huge launch from Jesse’s Girl with their new range of lipsticks. The collection is rather conventional with your staple nudes, browns, reds, and roses— though they threw in some unique mauve and plum shades as well. From swatches I’ve seen online, they look super pigmented and smooth. Let me know if you want lip swatches, they just landed at my door recently!

Glow Stix ($9.95)
The brand also just added new shades to their Glow Stix— iridescent lipglosses that can be used alone or on top of lipstick. I’ve tested these in the past and didn’t find the effect to be super noticeable, though I think these new shades will offer a little more flare.

What new drugstore makeup and beauty launches are you excited for this month?

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  1. I tried the ALMAY Long Lasting Brown Color and is was ok. Next time I need to slather on a thicker coat because (of course) it doesn’t peel off like the pictures/instructions. Now I need to see how long it lasts. It was funny looking like Groucho Marx while it dried though

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