Neutrogena Soft Taupe Palette: $10 Naked Basics Dupe?

Several weeks ago, I was chatting with makeup artist and fellow beauty blogger, Heather J of Crazy Beautiful Makeup, when she told me about a $10 Neutrogena palette she picked up that she swore was an Urban Decay Naked Basics dupe. As someone who has had to talk myself off the ledge several times when staring at the beautiful Basics palette, I had to know more.

Neutrogena Soft Taupe Palette:  Naked Basics Dupe? | Slashed Beauty

The Urban Decay Naked Basics palette ($29) contains six mostly matte, super smooth shadows in staple– or basic– neutral shades. It’s a good option for those who need a simple yet versatile, travel-friendly eyeshadow palette without having to shell out the $54 for a full size Naked palette. However, I’d consider the price still a bit steep for shades that are… well, basic! Check out what Heather had to say about the similar Neutrogena palette below, and her photos showing how they both compared.

Neutrogena Soft Taupe Palette:  Naked Basics Dupe? | Slashed Beauty

“I originally grabbed this Neutrogena palette in Soft Taupe ($9.99) because I immediately thought that it was going to be an exact dupe for my Urban Decay Basics palette. I was kinda right– it is a dupe in terms of shades, but with satin finishes instead of matte.”

Neutrogena Soft Taupe Palette:  Naked Basics Dupe? | Slashed Beauty

“The shades are pretty darn close, and have the same staying power (even for my oily lids). However, these work better for me because I love a little satin finish to my shadows. I am also a fan of saving $20 whenever I can. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Basics palette and the quality is outstanding, but not everyone wants to spend that kind of money on makeup.”

“I was happy to find something new at the drugstore that reminded me so much of a beloved high end palette. Neutrogena also has many other shade ranges in their new eyeshadow palette collection, including a few that might make great dupes for other UD palettes. This Soft Taupe palette claims 12 hours of wear, and while I have not tried it without primer, I had no issues with creasing (I used my NYX primer). The shadow stayed true to its color, and blended out nicely to give a beautiful neutral eye. If you are looking for something to give you a neutral smoky eye, try this palette– you won’t be disappointed!”

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Which palette would you prefer? Does the matte finish and extra two shades make the Basics palette worth it?



  1. I have to say, my Naked Basics palette doesn’t give me much use as an eyeshadow palette, but I do use it to fill in my eyebrows, contour my cheekbones, and use the lightest shade as a cheek highlight! It was a palette I really regretted buying until I figured out how versatile it is. But as just an eyeshadow palette, yeah, it’s pretty dupeable LOL.

    1. I’m glad you’ve found some use for it– I mean, I love the UD eyeshadow formula but I’ve found no need to buy ANY of the naked palettes because of all the alternatives!

  2. I think I actually like the satin finish on a couple of the shades (like the Faint-esque one) better. I like Crave better than the darker Neutrogena shade though. Hard to decide… but the budget palette would probably win for me because that means I could buy two more cheap palettes, haha!

  3. THANK YOU! I am getting this dupe palette asap because I always wanted the UD one but like you said…a lot of money for basics! What a great find!

    1. Yay!! Yes, I was so surprised at how similar they were– especially the Black. Such a score!

  4. I LOVE a good neutral eye look as I have blue-gray eyes and browns really work on them. I can’t wait to find the Neutrogena palette!!

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