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Fill Your Beauty Toolkit on a Budget: Beauty 360 at CVS

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April 13, 2015

I can spend days and days— wait, I HAVE spent days and days talking about beautiful makeup and nail polishes… but what about the unsung heroes that help us really perfect our looks? While nail clippers, nail files, blemish extractors, and tweezers might not seem all that exciting, they are imperative in creating the foundation for all of our other beloved beauty products.

For products that seem so basic, I’ve actually noticed that a lot of these items don’t come cheap if you want them to work well. Thankfully, CVS just launched their Beauty 360 line of beauty and personal care essentials. Now, you’ll be able to find 75 new staple tools in the CVS Beauty Club section that won’t break the bank.

The collection includes must-haves for great nails, brows, lashes and skin. You’ll see some familiar fundamentals like cuticle clippers, nail buffers, and lash curlers, but also some innovative tools that can streamline your routine. A couple of my faves: the Dual-Ended Precision Tweezers ($6.99), which have a point tip on one end for fine hairs and a slant tip for controlled grip, and the Ultimate Brow Definer ($4.99), which is a combination of tweezers and a brow comb. I’ll be honest… the Precision Tweezers give my holy grail $15 Tweezerman Mini a run for its money!

They’ve even re-invented the wheel in the form of Ergo Nail Clippers ($4.99), so that they have an ergonomic handle to help with precision. I actually find these super helpful for at-home pedicures, since the angle you come at your toes with the clippers can be awkward to say the least. The rounded handle makes the process a breeze.

I was definitely long overdue to change over some of my staples… my old nail clippers had dulled and it was time for a new lash curler. I love how this line is full of every day must-haves, as well as more advanced tools, that have the quality to hold up the heavy use they’ll be getting in my routines. Check out these and more of beauty 360’s budget beauty tools at your local CVS Beauty Club!

When’s the last time you replaced your essentials?

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  1. Ahh I love this! I have a pair of tweezers and an eyelash curler I really love, but I’ve been meaning to get inexpensive backups for travel. Just in case they get lost or something!

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