How to Look Polished without Makeup

As someone who is used to wearing a full face of makeup in public regularly, I can’t help but sometimes feel a little unkempt when I’m out without a drop on. As with many, I’ve even gotten the dreaded “are you sick?” question when seen without it.

How to Look Polished Without Makeup | Slashed Beauty

Whether you’re in a rush or you just don’t feel like doing your full routine, there are a few easy ways to look more polished without makeup. It’s good to give your skin a break anyway, so try these tricks for a fresh faced look that you can feel confident in.

1. Moisturize for a Glow

Even if you’re going to skip makeup, you should always make it a point to do your morning skin care routine, even if that’s just a quick wash and applying moisturizer with SPF. It’ll help add a healthy glow to dull skin with SPF protecting you from sun damage. If you want, you can grab a tinted moisturizer for sheer coverage to even out your skin tone. I use the Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with SPF 15, and on days I want a little coverage I’ll add the Undone Beauty Unfoundation Glow Tint. The Unfoundation is a clean, light coverage skin tint that helps blur and brighten your complexion for a radiant glow. It’s extremely lightweight so it doesn’t feel like wearing your typical foundation.

Before & After Grooming Brows & Curling Lashes | How to Look Polished Without Makeup | Slashed Beauty

2. Groom Your Brows

Keeping your brows groomed by tweezing stray hairs can make a big impact. If I’m not wearing makeup especially, untamed brow hairs can look extra obvious. (My hair is thick and dark, so your strays may look less noticeable than my own.) I’ll make a point to tweeze, and then use brow gel— either clear or tinted— to keep them in place neatly. If you don’t want to add tint or volume, try The Clear Brow by Milani. If I want to fill my brows in slightly, I’ll use the tinted Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara.

3. Curl Your Lashes

This one may depend on your own lashes, but since mine are short and straight I look more awake when I curl them. It’s a quick trick that makes my eyes look brighter.

Pixi Detoxifeye Eye Patches | How to Look Polished Without Makeup | Slashed Beauty

4. Depuff Your Eyes

If you’re looking a little puffy, or have dark circles under your eyes, don’t reach for the concealer quite yet. Depending on how much time you have to spare, you have a few options: let a couple spoons chill in the freezer for a few minutes, then rest the curved side against your under eye area for a bit to reduce puffiness. Alternatively, you can wear eye masks as you multitask during the rest of your morning routine. One of my favorites is the Pixi Detoxifeye Eye Patches. You get a ton in the jar, and they do a great job soothing and hydrating.

5. Swipe On Lip Balm

Dry lips can ruin a fresh face, and feel super uncomfortable! Especially in the age of face masks, my lips have been becoming chapped more frequently with the friction. Even if your lips aren’t on display, remember to bring a lip balm along to touch up moisture throughout the day.

How to Look Polished Without Makeup | Slashed Beauty

6. Head High, Big Smile!

Finally, wearing a fresh face with confidence and a smile is the best way to look and feel polished without the need for anything extra.

How often do you go makeup free?


  1. Great tips! I have a post coming up about eye puffiness as well. You will love the “before” photo. I look like a monster.

    1. Thanks! What else would you add besides what I mentioned about exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting?

  2. I am home a lot, and rarely wear more than moisturizer and lip balm when I’m home. If I need to go out, I’ll at least put on mascara and a lippie. Then I can feel good about leaving the house!

  3. Excellent tips, anyone can get away with no makeup with the right proper skincare! I do go makeup free a lot.

  4. Love it 🙂 This is literally my every day look – I only use makeup once a week if I am lucky and this is how I strut my stuff… 😀 You look wonderful.

  5. Curling my lashes is also a must!! And hiding my undereye circles lol. Don’t want to scare anyone!!

  6. Seriously, curling your lashes can make ALL the difference. I do that often on no makeup days.

  7. Sometimes I skip the base makeup and only wear eye makeup. Exolfiating and just generally taking care of your skin makes a HUGE difference! Mine will never be flawless, but at least I don’t have random patches of dryness hanging around.

  8. I go makeup free a lot more than people would think. With two kids that I run around constantly plus the blog and house to keep up with… I just don’t have time to do myself up some days!

  9. What great tips. I swear tamed brows and curled lashes make a HUGE difference. Love this!!

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