How to Look Polished without Makeup

    Just because I’m obsessed with makeup doesn’t mean I need to wear it every single day. In fact, it’s a very good idea to let your skin breathe at least one day out of the week, free from makeup or heavy products. I usually skip the full face on the weekends. Although, sometimes I hit the snooze alarm one too many times on a weekday, and I find myself with little time to get ready for work.

    A lot of women feel that they need to wear makeup when they go out, or otherwise face the dreaded question, “Are you sick?” or even “Did you get enough sleep last night?” I’ve gotten those a bunch of times, and it never feels good. Luckily, I’ve learned a few quick tricks of the trade to look awake and polished without makeup.

    How to Look Polished without Makeup

    1. Open Your Eyes
    Even without mascara, the simple act of curling your lashes will make you look more awake and alert. If you really feel like trying, you can even run some vaseline through them with a comb to help separate them. Brighten your eyes with some eye drops to look more refreshed.

    2. Tame Your Brows
    Even on days when I don’t pencil in my eyebrows, I never skip the brow gel. This will help avoid a disheveled look due to runaway hairs.

    3. Pack Your Bags
    If you’re looking a little puffy, or have dark circles under your eyes, don’t reach for the concealer quite yet. Let two spoons chill out in the freezer overnight (or for 20 minutes, if you’re in a crunch), then rest the curved side against your eyes for five minutes. Alternatively, you can chill damp teabags in the fridge, and apply them to your eyes once cool; this will also help even out any discoloration. Sometimes I do this on days I’m wearing makeup, too, since I have natural creases under my eyes that can exaggerate puffiness.

    4. Dump the Dry Skin
    Exfoliating your face and lips to get rid of any dry patches will give you a renewed, smooth and healthy look. Even if you’re skipping your makeup, you mustn’t forget to moisturize! Applying moisturizer and lip balm containing SPF will not only revive dull skin, but protect it against potential damage caused by direct contact of UV rays against your face. If you’re experiencing any serious blemishes or problem areas, opt for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream to help even out your skin tone without the heaviness of foundation.

    5. Flash a Bright Smile
    Marilyn Monroe knows best: “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” Don’t forget to smile wide and smile often for the most beautiful and confident you. When I’m feeling a bit insecure about the state of my smile, I use whitening strips to keep my teeth dazzling.

    How often do you go makeup-free?



    1. I am home a lot, and rarely wear more than moisturizer and lip balm when I’m home. If I need to go out, I’ll at least put on mascara and a lippie. Then I can feel good about leaving the house!

    2. Excellent tips, anyone can get away with no makeup with the right proper skincare! I do go makeup free a lot.

    3. Love it 🙂 This is literally my every day look – I only use makeup once a week if I am lucky and this is how I strut my stuff… 😀 You look wonderful.

    4. Sometimes I skip the base makeup and only wear eye makeup. Exolfiating and just generally taking care of your skin makes a HUGE difference! Mine will never be flawless, but at least I don’t have random patches of dryness hanging around.


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