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How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger with Makeup the Right Way

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October 3, 2017

I absolutely love the look of full, round lips— and it seems like I’m not alone these days! However, I’m way too much of a commitment-phobe to get injections. Why spend the money for someone to poke a needle in your face when you can make your lips look bigger with makeup?

Overdrawing your lips with liner and lipstick can give the illusion of fullness while letting you play around with their shape and definition, as well. I wouldn’t say I have particularly thin lips, though they’re not very defined. Sometimes I feel like they blend into my skin. When I line my lips, I like to create a sharper outline while also accentuating my top lip for more balance with the bottom.

If you’ve never tried overdrawing your lips, it’s not as easy as just putting pencil to skin. It’s very easy to overdo it, or have the lining look too obvious. Today I’m sharing my favorite tips on getting a lusciously overdrawn lip that looks as natural as possible. Keep reading to see how to make your lips look bigger with makeup alone!

What you need to achieve this look is a lip liner, a lipstick and mattifying powder. The lip liner and lipstick should be close in shade, though the liner can be slightly deeper than the lipstick if that’s all you have.

Products I’m using:

1. Start at the Cupid’s Bow

Starting applying the lip liner at the cupid’s bow— which is the dip in the middle of your top lip. Starting here will help keep both sides even. I make a little “x” mark on my natural cupids bow to mark the middle and create a new sharp dip. From the top of the X, I start building a new upper lip line.

2. Meet Your Natural Lip Line

As you start carving out your new lip line, it’s very important to still meet your natural lip line as you get closer to the corners of your mouth. This will help both the top and bottom lip meet in the natural place, and prevent you from going too overboard. You never want lipstick on the outside of your corners.

3. Size Up Vertically

Because you need the liner to meet the natural lip line toward the corners, It’s important that you build up the size vertically instead of horizontally. Meaning, if you want the lips to look bigger, add liner to the middle section of your lips, then gliding the liner down toward your natural lip line. Otherwise, you might end up with too round of a shape, which looks unnatural.

4. Don’t Go Farther than the Lowest Curve

Many people have fuller bottom lips, and I don’t tend to overdraw mine all that much. If you want to pump up your pout, start in the middle of your bottom lip. Glide the lip liner just below your natural lip line, at the lowest curve. This will create dimension and give it a slightly larger appearance without getting color on your chin. Then, bring the lines up to meet your natural lip line into the corners.

5. Fill Completely

Next, it’s time to add your color! When filling in your lips with lipstick, be sure to bring the color all the way to the liner, overlapping slightly to help blend it together.

Here’s where we’re at so far. If you’re using completely matte lip products, you can probably stop here and enjoy your luscious lips! However, if your products have a bit of shine to them, we have one more step.

Notice how the shine from the lip products are hitting below my new lip line. This is because it’s reflecting off of my natural lip line, which protrudes outward from where I drew the liner. This is a dead giveaway for overdrawn lips, but it’s easy to fix.

6. Mattify with Powder

Take some translucent powder (loose or pressed is fine) and tap thin layers onto the area where your liner meets your natural lips. This will help reduce the shine and blur the separation between real lips vs. makeup. Since this mattifies the lip product formula, you’ll also want to do it on the bottom to have the finishes match.

Above you can see my bare lips, then after being shaped with the product, then mattified for a more natural looking overdrawn lip. See what a difference it makes? From here, you’re done! You can add some highlighter to your new cupids bow to help finish the face, if needed.

Do you overdraw your lips? Share your favorite tricks in the comments!

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  1. Amy Somers
    | Reply

    Can you give me the name of the 2 pink colors used. Liner and lipsticks.


    • Miranda
      | Reply

      They’re listed in the post: Make Up For Ever High Precision Lip Pencil in 20, Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Lip in 11

  2. Nita
    | Reply

    Ire indeed an artist…. bravo with the shape

  3. Polarbelle
    | Reply

    wow, that little addition of the powder makes ALL the difference!

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