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In the summer heat, I usually let my hair do its own thing. Minimal heat styling, mostly up in a topknot or clip. But last month, I got a shorter chop which has made it a little easier to play around with since it needs less product and less maintenance. Though, when I do decide to style it, I want something that will last me more than a day in this heat and humidity (can someone say #thickhairproblems?).

How to Get Smooth Hair for Days | Slashed Beauty

Especially during summer, we often have so many fun plans on our agendas that styling your hair every day can be a hassle. One of my favorite summer activities has always been taking road trips. They don’t necessarily have to be to a far away place; sometimes I just wanna get away from home and have a little adventure. It’s during these trips when I want to style my hair once and let it run its course throughout the week. Since my curly hair can be unpredictable from one day to the next, smooth and straight hair seems to be my go-to for these occasions.

How to Get Smooth Hair for Days | Slashed BeautyHow to Get Smooth Hair for Days | Slashed Beauty

I was recently introduced to a really great combination of affordable products for smooth hair available at Ralph’s, of all places. I’ve mentioned how I moved into a new apartment a little over a month ago, and Ralph’s is my new local grocery store. One of the main reasons I am extremely happy about this is because they’ve got a full beauty aisle, and they often put out Kroger coupons for many of the brands!

Here’s how I like to do my hair when I need a style that will stay smooth while cruising for days. It’s already been five since I did this routine and my hair is still looking and feeling as great as the first day.

How to Get Smooth Hair for Days | Slashed Beauty

// PREP //

First up in achieving smooth and straight hair that will last is making sure you’re using nourishing and hydrating products in the shower. I always tell you all about the Suave Professionals products I use— they’re one of my fave drugstore hair care brands. Recently, I’ve introduced my hair to the Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner. It targets frizz and relaxes unmanageable hair for a silky finish.

Straight out of the shower, I use a soft t-shirt to absorb excess water from my hair. It’s much softer than a towel, so it won’t cause breakage.

1. Before blow drying, I apply about nine pumps of the Tresseme Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment into three main sections of my hair. This is a crucial step in not only getting a sleek finish, but having it stay that way.

// STYLE //

2. Use a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle angled downward onto the hair. I use a round brush that is vented for quick drying, shine and volume.

3. Once my hair is completely dry, using a flat iron on it will activate the treatment and lock in the smooth finish for days. I do about two passes per section, and flick the wrist to get a little bit of shape towards the ends.

// FINISH //

4. I finish my new smooth style off with a spritz of the Tresseme All Day Humidity Resistance Extra Hold Hair Spray just near my roots, patting down flyaway hairs.

How to Get Smooth Hair for Days | Slashed Beauty

Even though this routine takes a little time, consider it an investment in smooth hair for days. For a finished style that looks like it could have come out of the salon, it was actually pretty simple and affordable with only the four products. It’s perfect for my summer road trips, or any other adventures you’ve got planned.

Don’t forget to download coupons before you shop for these products at your local Kroger store. Currently, they’ve got some great deals on hair products this month including:

  • $2 off any 2 Suave Professionals
  • $3 off any 2 Dove products
  • $2 off any 1 Dove Styling or Treatment product
  • $1.50 off any Tresemme Shampoo or Conditioner
  • $1.50 off any Tresemme Styling product

Rather get the goodies for free? Retweet below for a chance to win a $50 Kroger gift card! The giveaway is open to my readers 18 years old and older, and from the US. Read the terms and conditions for full details. You can enter once, and the giveaway ends on August 25th. Good luck, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter while you’re at it!

If you want more simple style inspiration, check out Ruth’s High Volume Updo tutorial on Viva Veltoro!

What’s your favorite long-wear summer hairstyle?



  1. I just got my hair cut yesterday. It’s been about 9 months since my last cut! My hair freaked out from the loss of weight, and just POOFED! Glad I had a hair tie with me, lol! Does your hair do that for a few days after a hair cut?

  2. Your hair looks great. I’ve gotta look at the ingredients in the Tresemme Keratin Smoothing Spray and see if it plays with color treated hair.

  3. I’ve been using the different variations of that new Suave line and I love it! Haven’t tried that TRESemme treatment though but I think my hair would benefit from it. Thanks!

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