How to Clean Out Your Closet More Effectively

For the first time since moving into our home last year, I finally took the time to clean out my closet. It was time to toss a lot of old clothes that were torn or stained, as well as donate stuff that was still in good shape, but not getting enough love. It was a task that had been super intimidating, but by tackling it piece by piece, I was able to get it done in a little over an hour!

These 5 tips on how to clean out your closet will help you do it faster and with better results! | Slashed Beauty

Watch the video above if you want to see me go through my entire closet, check what I purged and what I kept. Or, keep reading for my best tips on how to clean out your closet more effectively for an easier, quicker, and more drastic declutter.

These 5 tips on how to clean out your closet will help you do it faster and with better results! | Slashed Beauty

1. Lay Everything Out

Sometimes, you don’t realize how much you actually have until you are looking at it all piled up in front of you. Take everything off the rod and lay it on your bed. From here, you’ll get an idea of how much you want to— or should— purge. Take decluttering piece by piece, moving the clothes into a trash bag, a donation pile, or back into the closet.

2. Don’t Give Yourself Projects

I have a tendency to do this. I have a habit of keeping clothes that have tears and holes with the intention of whipping out my sewing machine and making it good as new again. But, what happens as soon as I hang it back up? It never actually gets worked on of course. If this sounds like you, don’t give yourself projects! Toss it if it’s a large tear, or donate if it’s still wearable. Try to be as realistic as possible— if you’re not going to fix it right there in the moment, just get rid of it.

3. If It Doesn’t Fit, Get Rid of It

Saving something for when you lose those last 5 pounds? Don’t. It’s not mentally healthy to keep smaller sizes taunting you in your closet, and they usually end up just creating clutter. If you can’t wear it right now, donate it to someone who can! Be body positive and get some awesome new styles that fit and flatter your body as it is currently.

4. Out of Sight, Out of Closet

As you categorize your clothes into donate and trash piles, be sure to actually place the clothes into a bag or box as you get rid of them. Don’t just keep them out and visible, because you might get distracted and end up changing your mind about something you already decided to get rid of. Don’t give yourself a chance to rearrange your piles, and stick to your original gut decisions!

These 5 tips on how to clean out your closet will help you do it faster and with better results! | Slashed Beauty

5. Swap Plastic for Felt Hangers

After you’re ready to start putting the keep pile back into the closet, make a bigger visual impact by switching out old plastic hangers for thin felt ones. Not only do they work better to hold your clothes securely (no more shirts half hanging off!) but they actually free up a ton of space, letting you stack your clothes closer together!

These easy tips for cleaning out your closet will help streamline your decluttering process for a better and more dramatic result.

What are your best tips for cleaning out the closet? Share them in the comments!

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