10 Best Things I Bought on Amazon in 2018

This year, I did a ton of shopping on Amazon— probably more than ever before. As a Prime member, you just can’t beat the fun finds and free shipping. One of the reasons I’ve been leaning more toward a preference to online shopping is the reviews. Whenever I’m shopping in store, I usually end up searching Amazon for reviews anyway! It’s so easy to just browse while I’m still in my PJs and have Netflix on in the background, and have everything show up in two days.

I’ve turned to Amazon to find new beauty, fashion and lifestyle favorites that have become staples in my life! From my hair color to daily wearables, I’m pretty much surrounded by Amazon finds all the time.

Keep reading to check out the best things I bought on Amazon in 2018. Click the photo of the item to find it on Amazon.

10 Best Things I Bought on Amazon in 2018: Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion | Slashed Beauty

1. Mini Credit Card Case Wallet ($13.79)
Before this wallet, I always had wallet problems. I wanted a wallet roomy enough to hold every single card I have— rewards cards, credit cards, gift cards, etc— so that I would never be caught without something I needed. But, most of the wallets with that many slots were also huge and wouldn’t fit in smaller bags. This wallet was exactly what I was looking for! It’s a little booklet style wallet that lets you store your cards in clear slots that you flip through, plus a designated window for your ID and cash pockets. It has cut down on the weight of my bag because it’s so light, and I can fit it in small purses and big totes alike. No more moving the “essentials” in and out of my bag of the night!

2. Bathtub Caddy Tray ($29.99)
Especially when fall hits, bath time is my “me time.” I love a good hour-long soak watching my iPad or reading a book. Add a glass of wine, and I’m totally set for the night. This bathtub tray is perfect for keeping everything in arm’s length but out of the water and off precarious ledges. It has a flip-up backboard for you to lean your tablet on, a wine glass holder that prevents spills, and another slot for phones, candles, or soaps. It’s expandable and will fit to most tubs, and has silicone grips on the edges so it won’t slip.

3. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Advantage Sneaker ($48.71)
I had wanted a pair of classic white sneakers for a while now— a pair I could casually pair with just about anything. It seemed like a no-brainer that Adidas were the way to go. This was one of the best prices I found on this particular style, plus the quick shipping made it easier than buying from other retailers. These sneakers are super versatile and the Cloudfoam soles make them super comfortable to walk in.

4. ENACFIRE Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ($47.99)
From the gym to streaming in bed, I can’t believe how long it took me to invest in some good bluetooth headphones. I used to hate getting my earbuds yanked out of my ear by accident, but I don’t have to worry about that with these! The sound quality is awesome and the best part is the included case that acts as a battery reservoir. When you charge this, it charges the earbuds first, then the case. Every time you put the earbuds back in the case, the battery gets topped up!

5. AmazonBasics 7-Piece Bed-In-A-Bag ($48.99)
This might seem so random, but this was the best practical buy of the year from Amazon! We bought this bed in a bag for our guest room, because we wanted something comfortable, cute and affordable. We just couldn’t seem to find anything that hit all three in-stores. My mom recommended this to me after she purchased it for herself, so I took the plunge and am so glad! It’s the perfect set with decorative pillow cases, regular pillow cases, a fitted sheet, top sheet and comforter. The only thing it’s missing is a bedskirt, but I can deal with that. It’s also really easy to machine wash, which was important to me since our cats typically hang out on our guest bed.

Arctic Fox Purple Rain Hair Color on Amazon | Slashed Beauty

6. Arctic Fox Semi Permanent Hair Color ($17.99)
As you should know by now, I went purple towards the end of summer as my new hair color of choice. I used Arctic Fox hair color to achieve the look, and was so surprised at how much I loved it. Not only is it healthier for your hair than other hair color (no harsh chemicals!), but it seriously conditions your hair while adding vibrant color. I have a full review of this product here.

7. Daily Rituals V-Neck T-Shirt Dress ($18)
I’m a huge fan of T-Shirt dresses right now. They’re so easy to wear, and to dress up or down. I particularly like this one I picked up from an Amazon brand called Daily Rituals. They make a bunch of wardrobe basics that are high quality but for a good price. I love this v-neck t-shirt dress, especially for fall. To dress it up, I’ll add a gold belt around the waist and wear it with boots. As it gets colder, I plan on wearing tights underneath as the length is still pretty good for fall.

8. LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light ($13.95)
Sometimes I read physical books instead of e-books, but I always do my reading at night (unless I’m on vacation). It helps me wind down before bed, and I do generally like to have the lights off as I relax. So, to help me read more clearly, I use this book light. It’s such a small and random item, but this is the best book light that I’ve used! The neck is flexible and stays put however you position it, and the light is yellow-tinted, so it is easier on the eyes when the rest of the room is dark. It’s also rechargeable, and holds a charge for a long time, and has just the right amount of light coverage so that your page is illuminated but the room isn’t.

9. Monoy Apple Watch Protective Cover ($8.99)
I became an Apple Watch fanatic this year— starting with a Series 3 in March and recently upgrading to the Series 4 when it was released. Of course these watches are expensive and I personally don’t buy into Apple Care, but I still want to protect my investment. I wear this clear protective cover over my watch, which protects the sides and corners from dents and scratches. This paired with a screen protector makes me comfortable to wear my Apple Watch 24/7. Plus, it doesn’t make it look any bulkier, and the clear appearance lets you appreciate the original design of the watch.

Amazon Swimsuit: Retro One Piece | Slashed Beauty

10. Retro One Piece Backless Swimsuit ($24.99)
I was so surprised with how much I loved this swimsuit when I bought it for my Mexico vacation last summer. It’s so cute, and fits really well even around all my curves. The retro style is very pin-up and makes me actually feel glam in a one-piece. Watch my full Amazon swimsuit haul here.

What was the best thing you bought on Amazon this year?

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