Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Beauty Gadgets to Power Your Routine

    The holidays are right around the corner, and you’re wondering what to get the beauty lover in your life. If you don’t know a lot about makeup, or the particular products the gift receiver uses, you might want to take the beauty gadget route.

    This beauty gadget gift guide is full of great and unique ideas for the holidays– whether you’re putting together your wish list or shopping for someone else. These practical tools can help you quicken your routine, get a spa treatment at home, or just make your regimen more fun!

    Keep reading to learn more about each beauty gadget, and click its picture to find it online.

    This beauty gadget gift guide is perfect when you're shopping with a beauty lover who has it all! | Slashed Beauty

    1. FLiRT Cosmetics Flashes False Lash Applicator
    This lash applicator, or the “lash staple gun” as it’s been dubbed on YouTube, is a fun way to put on falsies… especially for beginners! It holds small lash strips and dispenses them one at a time to either be used just in your corners, or over your entire lash line. See how it works in my video review here.

    2. Skin Care Digital Analyzer
    This skin tool tells you about your moisture balance in your skin– whether you’re leaning oily, dry, or if you’re properly moisturized. It’s a neat gadget to have for monitoring the effectiveness of your skin care products… or to see what you need to add to your routine.

    3. Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush Head
    A foundation savior for that airbrushed look. This brush head, which is compatible with any Clarisonic body, will buff in your foundation in a flash. The end result is perfectly blended coverage in seconds.

    4. Electric Manicure & Pedicure Nail Care System
    If you like doing your own nails at home, this is the tool for you! This drill/buffer system gives you the power to shape your nails just like the pros do. You’ll save a ton of time and money by skipping salon visits and DIYing your own mani pedi!

    5. e.l.f. Massaging Facial Cleanser
    A new release from the brand, this device uses silicone bristles to give you a gentle yet deep cleanse and exfoliaiton. It’s more hygienic than a brush cleanser, and battery operated. The massaging side helps with product absorption and the whole thing is water resistant. Keep it on your vanity or in your shower!

    6. Facial Pore Blackhead Vacuum
    This is one of those beauty gadgets I don’t really want to buy myself but would LOVE to get as a gift. This literal skin vacuum will suck the gunk out of your pores. It just sounds so satisfying… but use with caution! According to reviews, overuse can cause skin bruising.

    7. Panasonic Facial Steamer
    I just added this to my personal skin care routine and I’m never looking back! It helps open your pores so your products sink in, and keeps your skin moisturized and balanced. It’s really been helping in this dry climate and season, and makes me feel like I’m getting a facial at home!

    8. simplehuman Lighted Sensor Mirror
    This is one of my prized possessions– I even brought it with me to my destination wedding because I can’t do my makeup looking into anything else! The lights simulate daylight, so you know exactly how your makeup will look when you step outside… no shade surprises! The 5x magnification is just enough to see details while still being able to see your whole face at once.

    9. Face Mask Machine
    For the skin care nerd and the DIY queen… this machine lets you create your own gel/sheet mask! You can use ingredients you already have in your kitchen like fruit and vegetable juices to harness their natural skin care benefits. Fun and functional!

    10. Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover
    I recently started using this, not only for my upper lip, stray brow hairs and chin hair, but also on my cheeks for peach fuzz. The end result is incredibly smooth skin that makeup glides on top of. It’s gentle enough for daily use and easy to clean.

    What beauty gadgets are on your holiday wish list?


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