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Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Gifts from Amazon

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November 20, 2019

Some of my favorite gifts to receive are travel gifts— helpful packing products, accessories, and other items that make vacations easier, more comfortable, and memorable. If you have an adventurer on your holiday shopping list, gifting something they can take on their next trip is thoughtful, and it’s not hard to find travel gifts that will be super useful for them.

This gift guide for travelers is comprised mostly of my own personal travel essentials, plus a few things on my wishlist, and they’re all from Amazon and under $55!

Click the picture of the product to find it on Amazon. Please note that prices on Amazon tend to fluctuate.

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1. Anti-theft Waterproof Backpack Purse ($24.99)
When traveling, I prefer using a backpack to carry my must-haves with me out and about. However, I don’t want to sacrifice style just for the convenience. This travel backpack has a purse-like aesthetic while offering extra room and security for your belongings. The anti-theft zipper opening faces your back, so pickpockets can’t get into your backpack while you’re wearing it. There are two sizes of the bag available, depending on whether or not you want to carry a laptop with you.

2. Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones ($52.99)
Headphones are a must while traveling. While I love the freedom that bluetooth gives you, it’s always a good idea to have standard jack headphones to hook up into airplane entertainment systems. These noise cancelling headphones give you both options! Whether you run out of battery or need to hook up into a non-bluetooth device, having the choice means you’ll never be without sound.

3. Digital Hanging Luggage Scale ($10.99)
The easiest way to start or end your trip on a bad note? Overweight luggage fees. Keeping a compact luggage scale with you will help you avoid overpacking, and let you know if you need to move items around before flying home to avoid repacking at the check-in desk.

4. Universal Travel Wall Socket Adapter with USB Ports ($12.99)
It’s easy to forget about the different wall outlets while traveling, but also an inconvenience that’s simple to avoid. This wall adapter has you covered no matter where you are, with ports for normal plugs as well as 2 USB chargers.

5. Mobile Phone Compact Tripod ($17.99)
Selfie sticks are becoming widely banned at many famous landmarks due to how invasive they become of everyone’s personal space and view. This compact tripod lets you set up your phone, GoPro or lightweight camera for a shot when you don’t have someone else to help. The flexible legs allow you to set it up almost anywhere, whether that’s mounting it to a nearby railing or leveling your shot on uneven ground.

6. RFID Blocking Travel Organizer Wallet ($11.99)

I used to always feel discombobulated while going through the airport, juggling my passport, my airline tickets and credit cards. This travel wallet lets you keep everything together, organized, and is RFID blocking for extra security. I recently purchased this and it eventually became my every-day wallet because it has a spot for everything! It’s also nice enough to use as a clutch if you go out while traveling and don’t want to take your backpack with.

7. Scratch Off World Travel Map ($28.99)
This scratch-off world map is a fun way for people to display their travels while at home! Underneath the gold scratch-off material is a colorful map that reveals where you’ve been.

8. Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger ($24.99)
I never travel without a juiced up portable charger. This is the best one I’ve ever owned– it can fully charge my phone from empty twice, and holds the charge well when not in use. For a higher cost, you can get models with two USB ports if you want to charge multiple devices at once.

9. 5 Packing Cube Luggage Organizers ($22.95)
Packing cubes are a must-have for me, especially for long trips. They let me organize my luggage and keep it neat throughout my trip so everything is easy to find. I group “like” clothes together (tops, bottoms, underwear/socks, etc) and as I wear outfits throughout my trip, I move dirty clothes into their own cube.

10. Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle ($14.99)
Staying hydrated while traveling is increidbly important because of how dry the airplane is. The beverage cart does not come around fast enough for me, so I always board with a bottle of water handy. Collapsible water bottles are so convenient, because they roll up small when empty. This means I’m not wasting space in my carry on with empty bottles.

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