Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Gifts from Amazon

    Some of my favorite gifts to receive are travel gifts— helpful packing products, accessories, and other items that make vacations easier and more comfortable. If you have an avid traveler on your holiday shopping list, gifting something they can take on their next trip is thoughtful and it’s not hard to find travel gifts that will be super useful for them!

    This gift guide for travelers is comprised mostly of my own favorites to bring on trips with me, and a couple of things on my wishlist, and they’re all from Amazon and under $40!

    Click the picture of the product to find it on Amazon. Please note that prices on Amazon tend to fluctuate.

    Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Gifts from Amazon - Travel Gifts for Her - Travel Gift Ideas | Slashed Beauty

    1. Canvas Weekender Carry On Tote with Trolley Handle ($34.99)
    Whether I’m going on a long trip and am using all my allowed carry on bags, or I’m doing a quick jaunt and am only packing a carry on, a great tote is essential. This one is especially handy because of the back panel that allows you to slide your roller bag handle through it! This lets you give your shoulder a rest and have it securely rest on top of your roller bag.

    2. Yoozon Selfie Stick/Tripod ($21.99)
    This is my favorite selfie stick that I’ve tried, and yes— I’ve tried a lot! It’s the most sturdy, but it also doubles as a tripod which can come in handy if you’re trying to get a bigger group or your surroundings in the shot. The bluetooth shutter button also detaches and becomes a remote, and it holds a charge for a good while.

    3. MelodySusie Large Hanging Toiletry Bag ($19.99)
    I’ve taken this toiletry bag on my last 4 trips and it’s the best! I love a hanging bag to help keep products off the counter, and this is the ultimate organizer. With pockets for days, brush loops, and a large main compartment, you can fit everything you need for your beauty routine inside.

    4. Scratch Off World Travel Map ($28.99)
    A fun way for people to share their travels, this scratch-off world map is interactive wall art! Underneath the gold scratch-off material is a colorful map that reveals where they’ve been.

    5. Wine Bottle Leak Proof Protective Bag ($19.95)
    My husband and I always make a point to bring back unique alcohol from places we’ve traveled. Tequila from Mexico, rum from Jamaica, wine from Israel. However, it’s always nerve-racking to open our luggage once we get home, hoping that nothing shattered or spilled. These reusable protective bags are perfect for transporting glass bottles in your luggage with their leak-proof design.

    6. Set of 2 Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles ($14.97)
    I always need to bring water with me on board planes because of how dry the air is— the beverage cart does not come around fast enough! These collapsible water bottles are so convenient, because they roll up to a super small size when empty. This means I’m not wasting space in my carry on with empty bottles.

    7. Compact Camera Carrying Case ($29.95)
    If you’re someone who likes to bring their DSLR camera traveling, this carrying case is for you! It’s very compact, but can easily fit my Canon Rebel T7i with a 18-55mm lens attached. One side houses the camera while the other side contains a few pouches and zipper pockets for SD cards and backup batteries. There’s no room for extra lenses, but it’s great for keeping your camera close-by without weighing you down.

    8. Universal All In One Worldwide Travel Wall Adapter with USB Ports ($12.99)
    When traveling, you always have to keep in mind the different types of wall outlets around the world. This wall adapter has you covered no matter where you are, with ports for normal plugs as well as USB chargers.

    9. RFID Blocking Travel Organizer Wallet ($11.99)
    I am always a mess when going through the airport, juggling my passport, my airline tickets and credit cards to buy some snacks. This travel wallet has a spot for everything (even your phone!!) and is RFID blocking for extra security. This one is definitely on my personal wishlist after a recent trip where all my tickets ended up crumpled in my bag after rushing through security.

    10. 5 Packing Cube Luggage Organizers ($22.95)
    These are a must-have for me, especially for long trips. They let me organize my luggage and keeps it neat throughout my trip so everything is easy to find. I group “like” clothes together (tops, bottoms, underwear/socks, etc) and it’s so much easier fit everything neatly inside.


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