High End Heroes: butter LONDON Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons

I’m back with another discovery that just might be worth the splurge, Slashed Squad. Oh yeah, did I mention that’s a thing? You are all now called the Slashed Squad. #SquadGoals am I right?


Okay, okay, so let’s talk lip crayons. They’re so convenient, but there are still so many different crayon formulas out there. Some are basically tinted lip balms, some are on the other side of the spectrum and practically matte lipsticks in tube form. Whelp, butter LONDON took all the good qualities a lip crayon can have and put them into their new Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons line.

You know I’m pretty picky with my lip products, although I tend to find many that I like at the drugstore. So when I come across one that costs $20, it better deliver! I’ve got seven out of the eight in the collection, and I’m really digging them all.


The pencils are actually a bit shorter than they appear, because the cap is elongated by a hidden built-in sharpener. One of the banes of my existence is trying to figure out how to sharpen chubby pencils, so I was ecstatic that not only does each and every one of these come with its own sharpener (seriously a life-saver for on-the-go), but they’re actually easy to sharpen. No splintery wood or cracked plastic— they shave off in a matter of seconds to reveal a fresh and sharp pointed tip.


Left to Right:
Tea with the Queen, Toff, Trout Pout, Disco Biscuit, Primrose Hill Picnic, Teddy Boy, Ruby Murray

Another reason I love these pencils is the formula: it’s just kick ass. The texture? Super smooth, incredibly creamy, and ultra hydrating to boot as they are infused with mango seed oil and marula oil. They just really feel like intense lip balms, claiming to also provide antioxidant protection. But don’t be fooled, butter LONDON didn’t let pigmentation fall under the radar one bit. Just check out those swatches, they all carry quite a bit of color! The brightest and most opaque in my opinion are Primrose Hill Picnic and Ruby Murray, which actually leave slight stains after a while.


What I like about these that I haven’t found in a lot of other equally pigmented lip crayons is that they wear off evenly. As they fade, they don’t become patchy or bunch near the center, so you don’t have to worry about looking crazy a few hours in. Because they do maintain their glossiness throughout wear, transferring is to be expected and smudging can happen if you’re eating or drinking, similarly to a gloss (but with NO stickiness!). Left alone, the color can last about four hours before it starts to fade.

Final thoughts: The butter LONDON Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons offer everything I look for in a chubby pencil, with a comfortable formula and lots of great shades to choose from, both neutral and bold.

So… you wanna win all the shades I have, do ya? I’ve been hooking you up practically all week long with giveaways, and today is no different! This time, priority goes to those of you who follow me on Instagram. Use the widget below to enter, there are extra entry options for more chances to win. It’s open to US residents 18+ and ends on August 25th. Good luck, Slashed Squad! (Miranda, stop trying to make Slashed Squad happen, it’s not going to happen. Or will it? 😉 ).

How often do you splurge on a great lip product?


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    1. Don’t worry Laurie, I’ve got other giveaways going on right now! Check out the homepage slider for more info.

  1. my favorites would be- tea with the queen, toff, or teddy boy- if I had to pick ONE- it would be toff or Teddy boy… I would love to try these!~ thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Ruby Murray was one of my faves, too. I also love it in their Matte formula! These are excellent lippies, for sure. And, BL has sales, too, from time to time.

  3. I have Primrose Hill Picnic but would love every single other shade! It is my fave lip color of the moment. I seriously cannot believe how good they are! Also I feel totally honored that we are called Slashed Squad now!

    1. Haha yay!! Glad you like the new squad name 🙂 Yeah, Primrose Hill Picnic is prob my fave of the bunch! Sooo bright!

  4. “Teddy Boy” is calling mah NAME!!! I’ve actually never tried any Butter London products – where can you get them? Are they sold at Ulta or Sephora? I really wanna check those out!! #SlashedSquadProud! 🙂

    1. Not sephora, but they are online on ULTA’s website– not sure if they’re also sold in their stores, though! 🙂 Glad you like the nickname!!

  5. I think I’ll like Tea with the Queen most but I am SO not adventurous with lip color because I have all these insecurities (husband doesn’t think he likes it, always kissing kiddos, eating, gets on teeth, wears off bad, bad color, are my teeth yellow?… Etc)! I would LOVE to try and have this bunch for a greater variety! So bad!

    1. Ahh let yourself be adventurous! You deserve it! Do it for a night out with the ladies 🙂 Good luck!

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