Real Techniques Bold Metals & Other New Brushes

If you’re at all involved in the beauty community on YouTube, you’ve heard of the pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic Chapman— also the founders of Real Techniques. Their tutorials are some of my favorites ever, and the same goes for their affordable yet high quality makeup brushes. I use at least three every day, and they’ve become staples in getting my looks exactly how I want them.

Real Techniques Bold Metals & Other New Brushes | Slashed Beauty

I was honored to be invited to their Real Techniques Road Show party in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, where I was able to get a close look at the newest additions to the brand’s line, as well as chat with Sam about all things beauty. Read what she had to say about current makeup trends, the “Instagram face” as well as what’s in store for Real Techniques’ future over here.

Over the course of the night, we were introduced to the newest brushes from their Bold Metals collection, and I’m happy to share my thoughts on them today!

Real Techniques Bold Metals & Other New Brushes | Slashed Beauty

The one I’m probably most excited about is the new 101 Triangle Foundation brush ($24). While their original foundation brush was small and flat, this one is a big step up with a three-sided head that allows you to get into every corner of your face for full coverage. The bristles hold their shape even when pressed against their skin, so you get a lot of control. However, this brush feels like the bristles are made of a different material than the others in the collection. They’re not as soft, and can be a little pokey, but I won’t deny that it makes my foundation look great.

Real Techniques Bold Metals & Other New Brushes | Slashed Beauty

I’m also loving the 301 Flat Contour brush ($26). The flat and narrow shape makes it conducive to applying products right into the hollows or on top of of the cheeks. It’s incredibly soft and diffuses your contour to look natural and seamless. It’s similar to the e.l.f. Contouring Brush, but is about 1.5x the thickness for what I consider to be easier blending.

Real Techniques Bold Metals & Other New Brushes | Slashed Beauty

For the eyes, I’ve been using the new 201 Pointed Crease ($16) for blending shadows into my crease and outer corners of my eyes. The point really does give you more precision, yet it’s still domed enough to blend very well. I’ve also used this for doing smokey bottom lash liner, which the tapered shape is helpful for.

The 200 Oval Shadow brush ($16) is just about the biggest flat eyeshadow brush I’ve used. The extra surface area does come in handy for applying shadows all over the lid, and it’s flexible enough to double as a blending brush for both shadows or concealers.

Besides the gorgeous metallic handles, there is a very noticeable difference between the original RT line and Bold Metals… the price. These are no doubt Real Technique’s luxury line, targeted at more advanced makeup lovers. The bristles are dense and softer than ever with advanced pick up and distribution of makeup (also designed to be shed-resistant) while the handles are weighted to make it easier to maneuver when tipped towards the face. Does this justify the high end price? I still feel like their less expensive original line delivers everything I personally need in makeup brushes. I’ve never experienced shedding with any of them, although I do find that most of their thick handles are annoying for travel and storage. The Bold Metals definitely have a more professional feel to them in both their appearance and application of makeup.

Real Techniques Bold Metals & Other New Brushes | Slashed Beauty

No worries if you’re not ready to shell out the money for the luxe line, there are some new additions to the regular collection that are also high-performing.

I’ve talked about the Sculpting Brush ($10) on my blog before and have used it in several tutorials, but it’s popping up in more retailers lately so I thought I’d mention it once more. It’s a very dense, fluffy angled face brush that you can use for contour shades, blushes, highlighters… or even your foundation! Sam actually told me that this is her favorite brush out of all of theirs, and she has been using it for her foundation exclusively lately.

I’m super into the new Concealer Brush ($8), which is unlike most brushes meant for this purpose. I feel that the slant is perfect for concealing under the eyes, the point is great for dabbing on top of blemishes, and the longer shape gives you extra surface to apply more product onto large problem areas.

Finally, they’ve released the limited edition Collector’s Edition Eyelining Set ($20), which consists of four brushes that will cater to literally any liner look you can think of. There is a smudge brush perfect for smokey liner, an angled brush which works well for a classic winged liner, a pointed liner brush that can apply thick or thin lines, and the precision liner brush for those who like really clean and detailed lines.

Real Techniques Bold Metals & Other New Brushes | Slashed Beauty

Since it’s the one you may have trouble grabbing before it’s gone, I’m happy to give away an Eyelining Set to one of my readers! Specifically, this giveaway is open to people who follow me on Bloglovin’ (If you don’t already, you can do so here). Use the widget below to enter; there are a ton of opportunities for extra entries, so be sure to take advantage of everything you can. It’s open until August 25th, 11:59pm, for US residents 18 years old+. Good luck!

What do you think of the new Bold Metals line?


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  1. Thanks, Miranda, I just got sucked into Sam’s videos for a while… lol! I have a few of their RT brushes, which I love, but the handles are a little thick and bulky for storage, so it would be nice to have some finer, weighted handles.

  2. I have a ton of their regular brushes, but I definitely want to get some of the Bold Metal brushes. They’re so gorgeous!

  3. I love RT but they are getting a little crazy with their prices on their new brushes. I do love their original brushes though they are awesome!

    1. There is definitely a clear difference and shows they’re trying to make it the luxury line. To be honest, though I do love how they perform, I don’t find them significantly better than the original line.

  4. I haven’t tried their luxe brushes; the line from Target is so good, I haven’t needed to. The triangle brush looks really interesting, though.

    1. It’s true, their original line is really up to par and some of my favorite brushes anyway!

  5. The Bold Metals brushes look so, so pretty. But you’re right, the originals do a great job. I need that slanted concealer brush!

  6. Bold Metals brushes look so pretty! Unfortunately, I absolutely hated my triangle brush, it was useless and pokey. Maybe I’m just bad at makeup 🙁

    1. Yes, like I mentioned, that was the *only* one that didn’t feel as soft as the others and is a little pokey but I still got it to work pretty well with my new CoverGirl Stay Luminous foundation. I think it works better with thicker consistences rather than super liquidy.

  7. The bold metals line is so beautiful. I’m particularly drawn to the rose gold. Not sure if every brush comes in your choice of metals?

  8. I only own 1 Real Techniques brush (expert face brush) but I LOVE the look of the new Bold Metals line. So pretty and I’m sure they work great.

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