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Back to School DIY Organization Ideas

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August 17, 2015

Seven dayyyyyssssss… until my last “first day of school” EVER. Woohoo! This back to school season isn’t met with as much whining since I chose classes that I’m genuinely curious about and hopefully it well be a fun time. Regardless, I’ve always loved back to school shopping and getting organized for the new year.

Back to School DIY Organization Ideas | Slashed Beauty

This time round, I decided to create some back to school DIY organization so I can get in the spirit of the season on the cheap. I discovered four incredibly easy projects that make handling school a little easier. Watch the video below for the tutorial on all of them!

Supplies List:

DIY Cork Board Wall Pocket

  • Small cork board
  • Fabric (I used a cloth napkin)
  • Push pins
  • Decorative duct tape

DIY Dry Erase Board:

  • Fabric (I used the left over napkin)
  • Picture frame

DIY Tin Can Organizers

  • Empty, clean cans*
  • Decorative duct tape

*Note, this could be a bit dangerous if you’re using cans that you opened with a can opener. Those leave sharp edges that can cut you (which happened to me). Try using the cans that have the pull off tops.

DIY Paper Box

  • Square cardstock paper

These projects were all incredibly inexpensive– I got most of my supplies at the dollar store, and probably spent about $11 on everything total. If you try any of these DIYs, take a picture and tag me!

What do you like most about back to school season?


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