When Should I Get a Facial? 5 Situations When You Should Book ASAP

With the new year comes new rituals, and getting facials should definitely be on your list of things to add to your routine.

Getting a facial is more than a relaxing experience. Meeting with an esthetician can help you get an expert’s insight on your skin concerns and get recommendations for products that will work for you.

When should you get a facial? If you're not getting facials regularly, these 5 situations should be your reason to book one ASAP! | Slashed Beauty

So when should you take the plunge and get a facial? Personally, I don’t have the money to be getting them as regularly as I should (they recommend once every 3-4 weeks). However, there are signs to know when it’s time to get to the spa. If you’ve never had one before, here are some clues you should make an appointment ASAP.

1. You don’t even know where to start

Maybe you’ve never really curated a skin care routine for yourself, but you know there’s work to be done. Getting a facial can help you start with a blank slate, and the esthetician can guide you by suggesting specific products based on what they observe about your skin.

2. Your products aren’t working anymore

Some of us have very adaptable skin… that is, eventually our skin “gets used to” our products and they become less effective. Getting a facial is a solid way to bring your skin back to life and give it something different to wake it back up.

3. You have a special event coming up

Certain facials offer instant results. For example, after a Hydrafacial, you will have noticeably glowy and smooth skin. If you have a special event coming up— like a wedding— a facial is essential for putting your best face forward. Since the esthetician usually takes care of any active blemishes as well, your skin can look clearer and more healthy in a shorter amount of time.

4. The weather’s a’chaingin’

It’s common for your skin to act adversely to the coming of a new season. If you often experience stubborn skin when the weather changes, a proactive approach would be to get a facial targeted to what your skin needs most that time of year. As soon as fall hits with its wind, my skin becomes so dry and patchy— so I know to get a moisture-targeting treatment around September.

5. Your skin is freaking out

Maybe your skin is just downright betraying you. Breakouts galore, or even a bad reaction to new makeup? A facial can help reset your skin and calm anything that pops up.

When should you get a facial? If you're not getting facials regularly, these 5 situations should be your reason to book one ASAP! | Slashed Beauty
Glam Boutique Spa in Woodland Hills, CA

What type of facial should you get? That depends on your skin type and concerns. Since I have combo skin that changes drastically with the season, my facial routine varies. During fall and winter, the Hydrafacial has been my favorite, as it gives me intense moisture and uses microdermabrasion to polish away dead skin. It’s one of the best facials I’ve ever had, from Glam Boutique Spa in Woodland Hills. They are so thorough with my face and the esthetician keeps the experience relaxing while still giving my skin some tough love. If you’re in the LA area, I highly recommend them— they have a treatment for every skin type, season and situation.

Have you ever gotten a facial? What was your experience?

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