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Jesse’s Girl Glow Stix Lipglosses Review & Swatches

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January 3, 2017

Holographic products are huge right now in the beauty community. From nails to lips to liner, the shiny and shift-y finish makes a huge statement.

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics just brought back their Glow Stix Lipglosses ($5) with three new holographic shades that I’m dying over. They add such a cool effect over your bare lips or your lipstick, while still being subtle enough to wear out without too many stares.

  • Wicked is the most intense of the three, with a strong green shift.
  • Red Dawn is the most subtle, with only a hint of holo when it catches the light.
  • Tangerine is my favorite— it has a pink hue to it with a rainbow spectrum holo.

    The lipgloss itself isn’t sticky, and actually rather moisturizing on the lips. To get a strong holographic effect though, you’ll have to really layer it on thick. I find this a bit uncomfortable, but I’m also okay with the more toned down effect of applying it in a thinner layer. As with normal lipgloss, and because it’s clear, it will transfer easily and have to be reapplied after drinking or eating. No stain is left behind under the gloss when removing.

    Watch the video above to see what the lipglosses look like on the lips.

    The Glow Stix Lipglosses work well over bare lips to enhance your natural lip shade, but experimenting by topping different shades of lipstick is fun too! I loved the combo I got when I paired Tangerine with a coral lipstick. I do suggest wiping the wand down after applying over lipstick, so you don’t tint the gloss inside the tube.

    What do you think of the holographic lipgloss trend?

    1. Rachel Runyan
      | Reply

      I was curious about these. I have the Sigma holographic glosses.

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