First Look: Physicians Formula Butter Collection Review

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Is anything better than butter?

I’m talking about the Physicians Formula Butter products, of course. You all know how much of a fan I am of the Butter Bronzer, Blush, and Highlighters— so last month’s release of the Butter Palettes were a dream, combining all of my faves plus a new Eau de Toilette in the signature tropical scent. But did you think they were finished? Far from it…

Take a peek at the new Physicians Formula Butter Collection limited edition box! | Slashed Beauty

If you didn’t get your hands on the Butter Palette, the new Limited Edition Butter Collection might be right up your alley. The collection is a box set of the brand’s most popular shades of the Butter makeup products, plus the Eau de Toilette and the new exclusive Body Butter!

Take a peek at the new Physicians Formula Butter Collection limited edition box! | Slashed Beauty

The collection includes full-sizes of the products in their original packaging, which I’ve found that I actually prefer over the palette. It makes each item more portable and much easier to store. Though the box is slightly more expensive than the palette at $29.95, you still come out on top saving several dollars versus buying each product separately.

But let’s back up— if you’re still unfamiliar with the Physicians Formula Butter Blend… where have you been? Okay seriously, it’s one of my favorite formulas at the drugstore across face makeup. The products are enriched with Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter which are packed with essential fatty acids and pro-vitamins. The formulas are incredibly soft and blend into the skin effortlessly with good pigmentation for a natural look. While you wear them, they soften, condition and moisturize the skin and leave a smooth finish.

Swatches of the Butter Blush, Butter Bronzer and Butter Highlight inside the Physicians Formula Butter Collection box. | Slashed Beauty

Unlike the palettes, though, the collection is only coming with one set of shades:

Butter Bronzer in Bronzer
Butter Blush in Natural Glow
Butter Highlighter in Pearl

I will admit this is slightly disappointing because even with a medium skin tone, these shades are very light on me. If you have tan to deep skin, I would suggest trying to find the Butter Palette in Medium/Deep for more appropriate shades.

I will say, though, I can layer the Butter Bronzer in Bronzer if I want a natural looking contour and sunkissed warmth to my face. I’ll use it on the edges near my temples and hairline, sweeping down onto the cheeks. The Natural Glow blush is great for me when I want a no-makeup look.

The Butter Highlighter in Pearl does give me an awesome glow though. It’s one of my favorite shades— you can see my swatches of the others from the original line here.

The Physicians Formula Butter Collection includes a brand new Body Butter! | Slashed Beauty

So overall, I would say the Butter Collection is great if you have fair skin or are going for more of a natural, fresh-faced look. But no matter your shade preference, the Body Butter and Butter Paradise Eau de Toilettes are must-haves! The body butter has a creamy consistency that melts into the skin immediately, leaving your skin feeling like the moment you wake up on vacation on an Island. You can also immediately feel it soften your skin… I mean, my skin feels transformed right away. I am truly begging the brand to make a larger version of this permanent. It will fly off shelves.

Take a peek at the new Physicians Formula Butter Collection limited edition box! | Slashed Beauty

Ever since I got my first bottle of the Butter Paradise Eau de Toilette from the Butter Palette, I’ve been wearing it regularly. It’s the perfect summer scent— sweet and tropical floral notes, a bit of coconut and rounded out with the warmth of vanilla and sandalwood. It’s so perfect.

You can find the new Physicians Formula Butter Collection for $29.95 for a limited time online only at Ulta Beauty as well as the brand’s website. I think it would make an awesome gift, or a treat-yo-self moment to stock up on faves.

What’s your favorite Physicians Formula Butter product?


  1. Been wanting to try the butter bronzer for a while, so this may be the reason to get this set now. Thanks for such great reviews of all of the products you try!

  2. I didn’t know Physicians Formula had an eu de toilette. I would like to try that and the body butter.

  3. I always hear such good things about the PF bronzers! I have a huge bronzer collection I’m working through right now.

  4. I’m going to have to think about this set. It may work ok for me during the winter months, but even with gobs of sunscreen I usually get pretty tan over the summer so these specific shades wouldn’t work for me. The fragrance, however, is totally my style and will have to be mine!

  5. The packaging is amazing but it’s just not up my alley for products. I do love when companies put out neat matching sets like this though!

  6. This is one of my favorite brands, I have used their butter bronzer before but I’m struggling to find the right shade. I love the scent it has.

  7. Confession – I’ve never tried Physician’s Formula. I’m loving their tropical vibe packaging!

  8. I LOVE the Physicians Formula Butter Blushes! Plum Rose is my favorite. I need to find this set.

  9. I need this box! I have a Butter blush and bronzer but I’d like a highlighter, the body butter but I really. really want that fragrance!

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