Ditching Dandruff with Head & Shoulders Moisture Care

Dandruff sucks. There’s just no sugar coating it. I’ve struggled with it since I was a little girl, and the condition always gets worse in winter. Lo and behold, this season was no exception— cue the itchiness, dryness, redness and flakes. Real cute… not. No matter how good of a hair day you have, dandruff will dampen your ‘do.

REVIEW: Head & Shoulders Moisture Care | Slashed Beauty

In desperate need of some scalp love, I started using Head & Shoulders Moisture Care as somewhat of a last resort before going back to my doctor to get prescription shampoo (such a hassle), and I’m head over heels for the results! I’ve tried a ton of different shampoos targeted toward clearing up dandruff, but each one has had its downsides. The Moisture Care collection has addressed those and then some.

REVIEW: Head & Shoulders Moisture Care | Slashed Beauty

First off, a lot of dandruff shampoos do their job on the scalp without really doing much good for the rest of the hair. The Moisture Care collection is targeted towards textured hair that needs extra love. The shampoo gives a good lather that is easy to spread throughout your hair, so you don’t need to use a lot to cover your entire head. It’s got almond oil, which is rich in vitamin E to provide your strands moisture while soothing any scalp irritation.

I really thought it was genius that Head & Shoulders included a Co-Wash conditioner in this line. So many people with thick, textured hair prefer co-washing (I did a whole post about the whats & hows of co-washing here) as an alternative to shampooing each shower. It leaves thick hair types more moisturized, since it’s a gentler routine. This cleansing conditioner can be used on its own (as intended) or as a regular conditioner to pair with the shampoo. It’s extremely creamy, also smells great, and leaves the hair feeling so soft. They’ve also added a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner formula for a quick and convenient wash and treatment.

What’s even better is that you would never be able to tell that this is dandruff shampoo from the smell. While the medicinal smell of so many other dandruff shampoos leave me lightheaded, the Moisture Care Shampoo smells amazing— you can really pick up the almond oil and coconut essence. Even Adam commented saying how it “smells really good, like normal shampoo.”

REVIEW: Head & Shoulders Moisture Care | Slashed BeautyREVIEW: Head & Shoulders Moisture Care | Slashed Beauty

I think my favorite in the collection is the Scalp Soother. This gel contains peppermint oil complex and Vitamin E that provides the ultimate cooling sensation plus moisture. I typically use it once I’ve let my hair towel dry after a shower. I pump it straight onto my scalp in the areas that I consider to be the most troublesome in terms of flakes, massage it in, and it feels ahhhmazing. It helps seal in that extra moisture and keep flakes away.

REVIEW: Head & Shoulders Moisture Care | Slashed Beauty

Regardless of the yummy smell, the soothing & cooling and the hydration, the very most important thing with hair care like this is how well it actually cleared up the flakes. I will admit that I was skeptical, since most other drugstore dandruff shampoos will leave small (but existing, nonetheless) flaky patches even after washing. I was pretty taken aback when I didn’t see noticeable flakes after using the Head & Shoulders. My scalp immediately felt less irritated, and my hair was not only soft but also shiny and looked healthy.

REVIEW: Head & Shoulders Moisture Care | Slashed Beauty

It’s crazy how long I’ve snubbed dandruff shampoos, thinking they couldn’t provide the care my hair needs. Head & Shoulders Moisture Care is an animal of it’s own. You can find the line in most drugstores ranging from $5-$10.

How have you successfully dealt with dandruff?



  1. I don’t have dandruff, but have struggled with a dry scalp. I’ve used Head & Shoulders dry scalp shampoo and conditioner formula with almond oil. It’s seriously more moisturizing on my wavy, thick, coarse hair than any other drugstore brand that I’ve tried. Everything else irritates my scalp except Head & Shoulders. I’ve flat ironed my hair since high school and would love to figure out how to cowash so I could proudly wear my wavy hair plus cut down on styling time. I just received samples of this MoistureCare line from Influenster. I hope my results are successful because your hair looks gorgeous! Do you use any additional styling products or serums on your hair?

    1. I’ll usually use some Nourishing Oil from Nuance Salma Hayek before and after straightening my hair for protection, moisture and shine! I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

  2. I feel like this is something I should check out! I haven’t had problems with dandruff in years, but it’s suddenly come back and I couldn’t figure out why. Now that you mention it, it might be a combination of the winter and also having the heat on, which could be drying out my scalp. I’ll check this line out, thank you! (Also, off-topic, but your Pin It button is adorable!)

    1. It’s definitely a much easier and affordable solution rather than going to the doctor for dandruff shampoo, which I’ve had to do a couple times. I hope it works well for you too! And thank you 🙂

  3. For some reason, I started getting dandruff a couple years ago. It might be related to not using sulfate shampoos though. I was doing co-washing (now I do conditioner first then shampoo and I love it! But I still have to use sulfate free because I do keratin treatments). My head was so crazy itchy, I honestly thought I had lice but couldn’t find any lol (my son is in elementary, he had it). I used the Head and Shoulders conditioner (it’s sulfate free!) and it worked amazeballs! I love it. And I love the scents they have! I am going to try the co-wash one! Thanks!!

    1. Lice is one of my worst fears!!!! I was so surprised at how well the conditioner worked. That’s usually my biggest complaint with dandruff shampoos, that they’re not moisturizing enough. This one’s great!

      1. Oh my gosh I despise lice. LOL. Little arsholes. Oooh they’re the worst. I’m not sure if I hate them more, or the horrible combing through of my beautiful locks with that cream and teeny comb that is the destroyer of hair. Muwah! (Even after not needing it doh). No, I hate them more. Little bastards. 😉

  4. This line sounds amazing! I have always used Head & Shoulders when I get a dry scalp because literally nothing compares.

  5. You have gorgeous hair. I like that more drugstore brands are introducing CoWashes to their lines. CoWashes are great for extensions too.

  6. I don’t have dandruff, but it have bought Head and Shoulders for when the hubby gets it on rare occasions. I love that they’re taking into consideration that not everyone with dandruff has the same kind of hair.

  7. It’s so good that H&S has really upped their game and makes efficacious dandruff haircare products that are good for hair.

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