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Dinner Date Outfit: Black Maxi & Nude Pumps

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September 26, 2017

After our move, I’ve been slowly building my wardrobe back up again. I had donated a ton of clothes, not really leaving myself a lot of options. I had started to feel like I was wearing the same outfits over and over again. It was time for something new!

But alas, I’m on a pretty big budget with the wedding coming up. Any gratuitous spending makes me feel super guilty. So, I’ve been hunting for major deals for night-out basics I could dress up.

I recently went out with some of my newest Vegas girlfriends at Americana. It’s an off-strip restaurant you’d never expect in the middle of Vegas— lake views, serene atmosphere and very fine dining. I had checked out the website prior to dinner and knew I needed to class it up when it came to my OOTN.

I started perusing the pages of thredUP— an online consignment store that sells pre-loved clothes and thrift store prices. Just like thrifting in real life, it can take a while before you find something good. I came across this black maxi dress that had a sheer skirt and shorter slip. It was sort of like a modest little black dress that would be great for so many different occasions. Best part? It was literally $6.99. I was shook.

It was labelled “Excellent Condition,” so I added it to my cart and bought it ASAP. When I got it, it fit perfectly and had cool details I wasn’t even expecting! There is a faux leather side panel that gives it extra style, and there is a mid-thigh slit on each side. I love how the slits allow the dress to flow in the wind, and lets me show a little leg. The way the silhouette of my legs show through the sheer skirt also give it a subtle sexiness. Because it’s rather simple besides the design details, I can dress this up with different shoes, bags and accessories to make it seem different with every wear. Paired with some nude pumps, I felt chic and ready to dine!

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Dear lord… if you ever make it out to Vegas and want an off-strip dining experience, Americana is the place to go. Not only was the atmosphere relaxing and nothing short of gorgeous, but the food— the food! You can just tell that Chef Stephen Blandino has extreme passion for what he does, from the flavor to the presentation. Some of my favorite dishes we had were the mussels, the Calabrian Spiced Petaluma Chicken and the cheesecake!

I know I’ll be back there for special occasions— it is on the pricey side so it will be saved for events like birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. I’m so excited to have discovered this upscale spot only 20 minutes away from us! It’s incredibly romantic and I can see myself making a ton of special memories here… let’s just hope I have enough outfits by then!

What are your dinner date outfit basics?

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