What is Ibotta and How Does It Save You Money?

August 1, 2018

I've discovered a new app that's helping me save money on beauty essentials, groceries, clothes and more! Check out why Ibotta is now a part of my shopping routine.

Road Trip & Festival Summer Fashion Lookbook

May 3, 2018

I officially did the warm-weather closet changeover last weekend, relocating all my sweaters to the guest bedroom closet and bringing my Summer clothes front and center. Summer in Vegas is like no other—...

Shopping Day Outfit at The Forum Shops

February 22, 2018

Follow along a recent shopping trip at The Forum Shops in Las Vegas with other influencers while we shop hop and take home some new beauty and fashion finds.

How to Organize a Neighborhood Clothing Swap

January 18, 2018

Y’all know that I love to budget in all aspects of my life— from makeup, to home decor, and especially with fashion. With trends going in and out of style so fast, and...

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