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9 Fashionable Apple Watch Bands Under $30

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May 17, 2018

Ever since I made the switch to an Apple Watch, you’ll rarely find me without it on. I rely on it to stay connected, but also for tracking my activity. The one thing I find difficult about it, though, is dressing it up. It is on the larger size, even though I have the smaller 38mm version, an the silicone band it comes with can be clunky. It doesn’t quite match everything, you know what I mean?

Recently, I’ve fell down a black hole of bookmarking fashionable Apple watch bands under $30 from Amazon. There are so many awesome choices for dressing up your watch without breaking the bank, no matter what the occasion.

Check out these affordable and cute apple watch bands, click the picture to find it on Amazon.

Replace your apple watch band with one of these fashionable bands under $30 from Amazon! | Slashed Beauty

When browsing these bands, double check the size and compatibility with your watch color/series before purchasing! Prices may vary.

1. Bangle Band ($29.99)
This is a simple and elegant band option that is versatile enough for daily wear, but would also look great with more formal outfits. It closes with a sliding bead mechanism that adds a delicate detail!

2. Tartan Plaid Band ($14.69)
This plaid PU leather band is giving me major Burberry vibes! This is a fun casual band that adds more flare to your daily outfits. Very prep-school chic.

3. Rose Gold Steel Link Bling Band ($21.99)
I absolutely love the look of this fancy band! It has a couple blinged- out links, and the rest are solid metal color with a clasp closure. You also don’t need any tools to resize this for the perfect fit.

4. Slim Leather Band ($15.99)
The face of the Apple Watch is pretty big, which means most of the bands are also on the thicker side. This band, however, tapers to a slimmer size for more of a feminine look. It’s made of genuine leather materials for a smooth look and comes in six colors.

5. Colorful Steel Mesh Band ($14.88)
I am living for this chrome color-shifting band! It’s giving major mermaid vibes, right? This closes with a magnetic loop strap which is the only thing that makes me nervous— but it’s just soooo pretty.

6. Metal Gold & Pink Band ($29.99)
This color blocked band is so chic, made from stainless steel and versatile enough for dressing up or down. It comes with a removal tool for the links so you can size it perfectly to your own wrist. It matches the watch body perfectly for a seamless look.

7. Cowboy Style Bracelet Band ($19.99)
This dressy apple watch band is another one that matches the metal color of your watch band, with double link chains on each side and a button folding clasp. No tool needed to resize it, and it’s lightweight. This one makes your watch look more like jewelry!

8. Nylon Fabric Striped Band ($10.99)
This one is admittedly very casual, but still a fun alternative to the silicone band. The fabric band may feel more comfortable to you if the silicone gets a little sweaty in the summer. Also adds fun pops of color to your look!

9. Faux Pearl Beaded Bracelet Band ($14.90)
This one is super extra, but so pretty! This faux pearl bracelet band is beaded, sparkly with charms and all. There is no closure and the bands are elastic, so there is no customization when it comes to size. This would definitely not be for every day wear, but occasional special occasions when it won’t take too much wear and tear.

Did you replace your Apple watch band with something fashionable?

2 Responses

  1. Tanishka
    | Reply

    I want this bands

  2. Nathalie Blais
    | Reply

    I have an imitation of the Apple’s Milanese brand in rose gold, 2 leather bands (black and white) and the one you listed at number 9. The latter is my least favourite as it is a tad loose on me, but I have a very slender wrist. That makes the heart monitor inaccurate and the watch tends to roll around the wrist. Too bad, because it looks really amazing. I am lazy and when I change a band, I tend to stick with it for a few weeks until something reminds me it’s time for a change. I’m back to the original silicone bracelet right now and I think it’ll stay that way until summer’s over as I can swim with this one!

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