Is the FOREO LUNA 2 Worth It? LUNA 2 vs. LUNA Mini

    While I’m all about budget-friendly products, sometimes a splurge is 100% justified. I consider beauty tools a great investment, specifically when they’re one-time purchases (or once in a while purchases). Case in point: skin care devices. They help you get the most out of your products and can make a big difference in your skin.

    Is the FOREO LUNA 2 worth it? Review comparing the FOREO Luna 2 vs. LUNA Mini | Slashed Beauty

    A little over two years ago, I started using a FOREO LUNA Mini and my skin care game changed forever. After testing out so many brush cleansers, dealing with replacement heads and batteries and fraying bristles… the LUNA mini was the answer to my skin care woes. Made with silicone touch points, the FOREO LUNA Mini gently cleanses and exfoliates for detoxed and smooth skin. The T-Sonic pulsations (or, vibration) from the device help remove 99.5% of dirt and oil, plus makeup residue and dead skin cells, without irritating sensitive skin.

    The first time I used it, I couldn’t stop touching my face— I was blown away at the difference compared to my brush cleansers. My skin felt softer to the touch after one use, more balanced, and the device had taken off more residue that my makeup wipe left behind than my previous brush device. Over time, I noticed less whitehead breakouts and a much more even skin texture.

    Is the FOREO LUNA 2 worth it? Review comparing the FOREO Luna 2 vs. LUNA Mini | Slashed Beauty

    There are no parts you need to replace, the silicone is antibacterial and antimicrobial. Plus, it holds a charge like it’s going into the apocalypse. I’ve never actually had it run out of juice on me, and I’ve gone upwards of six months months before without charging it. There’s a 2 year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee, so you can pretty much bank on the fact that you’ll only really need to buy maybe one-two…ever.

    While the LUNA mini ($99) has been a staple in my routine since the first time I used it, I recently had the opportunity to upgrade to the LUNA 2 ($199). It’s the full-size version with more silicone touch points, and 12 speed options. It also comes in different versions with various touchpoint shapes depending on your skin type for the most custom care.

    I’d like to also point out that there is a newer version of the LUNA mini than the one I own, the LUNA mini 2 ($139) that also has a larger surface area and longer touch points, a motor twice as powerful as the original but with with 8 intensities while the original version I have only has two intensities.

    Is the FOREO LUNA 2 worth it? Review comparing the FOREO Luna 2 vs. LUNA Mini | Slashed Beauty

    One of the main differences you’ll see between the LUNA 2 and either of the minis is the size. I really liked my mini as it fit in the palm of my hand, and was easy to slip into travel beauty bags. The LUNA 2 is much taller and feels more substantial in your hand, though is still easy to grip. I’ve traveled with my LUNA 2 and while it clearly takes up a little more room, it hasn’t been cumbersome.

    Is the FOREO LUNA 2 worth it? Review comparing the FOREO Luna 2 vs. LUNA Mini | Slashed Beauty

    The other big difference that will affect your experience with each device is the touchpoints themselves. On the LUNA minis, you get a cluster of broad & firm touchpoints at the top for removing oil, followed by narrower flexible ones throughout the rest of the front for gently cleansing. The back of the LUNA mini features an entire panel of the thick touchpoints if you have extremely oily skin or are wearing a full face of makeup that you want to cleanse. Each device, no matter what color you choose, has the same touchpoints and arrangement.

    Is the FOREO LUNA 2 worth it? Review comparing the FOREO Luna 2 vs. LUNA Mini | Slashed Beauty

    On the LUNA 2, however, the touchpoints depends on which skin type you select. While I typically have combo skin, I decided to go for the Normal Skin device since I live in such a dry climate and my skin has been changing ever since I’ve moved here. On the LUNA 2 for Normal Skin, you get broad touchpoints clustered at the top, then some a bit narrower that are spaced out underneath, then tightly-packed thin and flexible bristles throughout the rest of the device head. You’ll find different bristle arrangements on the LUNA 2 for other skin types— for example, the combo skin device has more broad touchpoints for oil control, and the sensitive skin device has smaller ones to maximize the gentle cleansing. However, all of them feature an anti-aging mode to be used with the back of the device, which features curved ridges that help deliver lower-frequency pulsations. This helps smooth and firm the appearance of skin.

    Is the FOREO LUNA 2 worth it? Review comparing the FOREO Luna 2 vs. LUNA Mini | Slashed Beauty

    So, is the $100 difference in price actually worth the extra features? From the original LUNA mini to LUNA 2, I think the upgrade made a really big difference in my skin care routine. I felt like I was getting a better cleanse due to the increase of touchpoints, and it actually feels better on my skin— probably because it’s designed with my skin type in mind.

    However, if you have the LUNA mini 2, which is already a world of difference from the original, it might not be as big of an upgrade. Especially if you have normal skin and you’re not prioritizing anti-aging, the LUNA mini 2 might be all you need to elevate your regimen. As I said, my mini did me very very well for years, but it was a bigger upgrade between models so I noticed more of a difference.

    On the other hand, if this is your first LUNA device, or you’re starting from the original mini and can’t decide on which one to try next, I would say spend the extra $60 for the LUNA 2 for your skin type. It will be worth it for the luxury of having something that delivers custom results for you. Whether you’re splurging on yourself or adding it to your wishlist, it’s one I doubt you’ll regret!

    What skin care devices do you use?


    1. Insightful post. I have always been curious about these cleaning devises but rarely stray from my jelly face wash or microdermabrasion scrub. Maybe I should try one though.

    2. I’m all for splurging (within reason) on quality skincare products! I think the Mini 2 would be more my style since my space is really limited, and I really like the smaller size for travel.

    3. I have a luna mini and it’s defiantly a savor to my skin, I use it a lot and love how it makes my skin feel after. I’ve had mine for some time now and I’ve not yet charged it at all and it holds the charge very well. One thing I do like about this product is you can use any cleaning product with this and no brushes to deal with.

      • Absolutely! That was definitely what converted me to the luna vs. brush cleansers. So much more affordable in the long run because of no replacement heads!


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