Best Cheap Lipstick Drawer Organization

My liquid lipstick drawer has always been a mess. Sure, I go through the declutter process and it will look neat for about a week and a half, and then it goes back to looking like a bottomless pit.

Best Cheap Lipstick Drawer Organization | How to organize your lipstick drawer and makeup collection | Slashed Beauty

This week, I just got so overwhelmed with the chaos of it all that I finally buckled down and decided to do something about it. I wanted to be able to store my liquid lipsticks and liners upright so I could see the shade without pulling it out, and obviously needed something with a lot of capacity.

Best Cheap Lipstick Drawer Organization | Customizable drawer dividers | Slashed BeautyBest Cheap Lipstick Drawer Organization | Customizable drawer dividers | Slashed Beauty

After searching through a ton of drawer organizer options, I came across these plastic dividers that were super cheap yet versatile. They look like little fences that can be interlocked to create custom sections. You can cut them to fit to size and create a grid type organizer for any drawer.

I have the Ikea Alex drawers, which I both love and hate. They’re obviously the holy grail of makeup organization across the community, but I honestly think they’re a bit frustrating to use for large collections such as mine. The problem is that the deep drawers don’t pull out all the way, so there’s a ton of space that is essentially inaccessible and wasted. Sure, you can fill it all the way back, but it’s extremely difficult to grab anything in back. So while this particular organization solution doesn’t extend to the back of the drawer, it’s not a dealbreaker for me since I wouldn’t be able to pull products in and out back there anyway. I placed a skinny basket in the back to help keep the divider from sliding backward while pulling the drawer. This is also helpful for items that are too tall to stand vertically in the drawer.

Best Cheap Lipstick Drawer Organization | How to organize your makeup collection | Slashed Beauty

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I have my drawer divider split up in to nine large sections, and have organized my lip products by shade families. This allows me to find what I’m looking for extra quickly, as well as spot any repeat shades for easy decluttering. The cells that are completely full look a bit neater here, since the products support each other when standing upright. I still have a little room in the top and bottom right hand cells— the red and orange sections. I’ll probably buy another pack of the dividers to split those sections into smaller cells.

So far, this has been such a great cheap lipstick drawer organization solution that is perfect for my collection! You could also use it on a desk or vanity to organize brushes or sprays.

How do you organize your lipstick drawer?


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