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Don’t Sleep on the Kokie Cosmetics Arabian Nights Palette!

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March 4, 2020

Out of the many products I’ve already tried this year, the Kokie Cosmetics Arabian Nights eyeshadow palette has surprised the the most. Being a smaller brand, Kokie has flown relatively under the radar but is available in select Walmarts, Sally Beauty stores as well as the brand’s website. I’ve tried their eyeshadow before, but this new palette is in a league of its own.

Arabian Nights is a sixteen color eyeshadow palette with the perfect blend of warm neutrals and bold pops of color. There’s also an even balance of mattes, shimmers, and metallic shades which I appreciate as I think it offers even more versatility. Looking at this palette, I feel like it’s easy to pick out shades that work well together, whether you’re sticking with the earthy tones, going all out with the colorful shades, or incorporating a little bit of everything. It’s organized really well, so it’s easy to just dip in and create without thinking too hard.

On that note, every time I’ve used this palette, regardless of what shades I’m using together, the colors blend so easily together without losing pigmentation or becoming muddy. They stay distinct but blend together for a seamless transition. These shadows perform better than a lot of higher end brands I’ve tried; they just do what you want them to do without any fuss or surprises.

Watch the video at the top of the page to see how I created this look!

The eyeshadow formula is soft and incredibly pigmented, yet surprisingly the palette stays neat with hardly any kickback from the pans. The only shadow that gives me fallout is Genie, a shimmery blue, and it’s minimal. As you can see from the swatches, there’s really not one dud in the bunch. Each shade packs high impact across the board. Not only that, but whether you’re swatching them with a finger or applying with a brush, the colors translate exactly how they look in the pan.

Even when I go in without a plan, I’ve loved every look I have created so far using the Arabian Nights palette. It’s my favorite right now when I just want to play and get creative.

You can find the Kokie Cosmetics Arabian Nights eyeshadow palette for only $13.99 (yes, you read that right) on the brand’s website. It’s an incredible value for the performance, and is sure to be well loved in your collection. I only wish it came with a mirror because I am traveling with it currently, because of the versatility, and it would have made it that much more convenient.

Have you tried Kokie Cosmetics yet?

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