Beauty Staple: How to Use Facial Spray

Facial spray seems to be a must-have for the skin care savvy, but still a mystery to many. Believe it or not, a refreshing mist of water has many beauty uses, besides the obvious (water just feels good when lightly sprayed onto the skin, no?).

In 1962, Evian was the first to bottle their mineral water into canisters with the purpose of application to the face, originally for medical use on burn patients. Now, facial mists are used by top beauty pros as a staple in skincare and makeup application. Keep reading to discover a handful of ways to use facial spray in your routine.

Beauty Staple: How to Use Facial Spray | Slashed Beauty

When Your Makeup is Too Powdery

Maybe your skin is just not playing nice with your matte foundation, or you overdid it with the powder. A light spritz of facial spray can help add a natural finish back to your makeup. It will also allow you to go back and easily blend out product that seems a little cakey. If you find your makeup settling into your lines throughout the day (making you look dry), a facial spray will work to even everything out again.

Before Moisturizing

One of the most common uses for facial sprays is for locking in extra hydration underneath your moisturizer. After cleansing, mist your face to remove any leftover traces of product or tap water. Then, apply your moisturizer on your skin while it’s still damp. This way, the water is locked in instead of evaporating, and your skin is able to absorb more moisture. I’ve also used facial spray underneath face masks that otherwise feel a bit drying. I get all of the benefits with none of the tightness!

When You’re Sweaty

Normally, makeup and sweat do not mix. When it’s especially hot and you’re not into sporting extra layers of powder to eliminate shine, break out the spray! Mist lightly, let sit for a couple of seconds, then blot dry with some tissue. Your face will be left refreshed and less melty-feely as the water lifts oils from the skin. This is also perfect when you’re in a rush after a gym sesh (don’t be afraid to use a little under your arms, too!).

When You Want to Intensify Makeup Pigmentation

This won’t work on all products, so tread lightly— but applying certain eyeshadows wet can transform them to be more pigmented and/or lustrous. Use the mist on your brush, and experiment with a swatch on the back of your hand first to see how water affects your products. You’ll be surprised how differently they look with just a bit of water.

When You Need Mid-Day Moisture

Especially during winter, my skin can start to feel dry later in the day with little relief if I’m already wearing makeup. A mist of facial spray can provide moisture without disturbing your face products. Just make sure you don’t overdo it— when water evaporates, it can have a drying effect (like licking chapped lips), so keep it light. This can also be especially useful when traveling on planes, where the recycled air sucks the life out of your skin, or when spending a lot of time indoors with the AC/heat on.

I’ve been using the simple-yet-esteemed Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray since last year, and it’s a small pleasure that I like incorporating into my routine. The minerals in the pure spring water and its neutral pH sooth my skin, and is seemingly more face-friendly than my tap water which occasionally smells like chlorine (wtf, Los Angeles?). The spray is even and fine, making it easy to apply and absorb. The handy 5 oz size is available for a cool $12 at most beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta.

Are facial sprays a part of your beauty routine?



      1. I use them exactly how you mentioned! My favorite right now is using it before moisturizing and also after I put on my makeup if I am looking a little too “powdery”

  1. Looks like a great facial spray although I am not entirely sure I’d apply it to already done makeup and blend (just my professional experience talking).

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