Finding My Style | Rampage Wrecker Boots

I’ve never been the type of girl with tons and tons of shoes. I typically keep one pair of flats, one pair of functional heels, something formal, and wear them until they’re torn up. Shoes never registered as accessories to me until I found this pair of Rampage Wrecker boots.

My Wrecker Boots | Slashed Beauty

I took a chance on these on several levels. They were the first shoes I’ve purchased online, which can be hard when you’re a half size (depending on the brand, I can fit into size 8, 8.5, or 9). On top of that, cowboy boots can be hard to incorporate into an otherwise classic wardrobe. But alas, I can’t resist a good sale— or free shipping— and when I found these on 6PM for $21, I didn’t think twice. Plus, I justified the purchase by adding in some plain black flats since my pair had worn down.

My Wrecker Boots | Slashed BeautyBoots: 6PM | Jeans: Kohl’s | Sweater: Sears

Since the Wreckers stop above the ankle, they’re a lot more versatile than your typical pair of tall cowboy boots. I typically wear them with leggings, or I’ll roll up the cuff on my jeans to define my ankles and elongate my legs. While they don’t make a loud statement, they still add attitude to an ensemble. The studs add a contemporary rocker feel, too. They pull simple clothing combos– like a sweater and skinny jeans– together into an actual outfit.

One of my goals lately has been to experiment with my personal style. These boots were a way to dip my toe into something new. Of course, now that I’m starting to appreciate the importance of shoes to an outfit, I want to go out and spend mucho dinero on more… but my lack of storage space keeps me in check (thank goodness). But, I am inspired to start stepping outside of my comfort zone and start curating my closet with clothes and accessories that express more of my personality.

How would you describe your personal style?




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