SPOTTED: Beauty Blender Dupes

    The new foundation craze is in: the beauty blender. A teardrop shaped sponge that blends your foundation to a flawless finish with a point to get all of the hard to reach places. But at around $25 for one, it can get expensive replacing them every three months for sanitary purposes.


    I’ve found a cheap alternative that I absolutely LOVE.


    The SOHO Blender Sponge is a shameless dupe of the beauty blender, but with two points and at a third of the price. You could be replacing these every week for a month the same price as one beauty blender! (Not that you need to)

    Available at Walgreens or, as linked,, this beauty blender is my go-to for getting airbrushed looking skin. My main routine consists of applying as usual with a foundation brush from BHCosmetics, then blending with this. Since it is a sponge, I don’t recommend just applying the foundation straight from the blender, as it will absorb more product than it transfers.





    The Crown Brush Blender Sponge is usually around the same price as the Beauty Blender, but right now it is available for the same price as the one above on Hautelook! Only until 8am pacific on Thursday, 2/21/13, this unique blender can be yours for 68% off by signing up for free on Hautelook and taking advantage of their Crown Brush sale! This latex, non-allergenic sponge is unique and offers ultimate bounce for ultimate blend. This price cut is insane, and you’d be insane to pass it up if you’ve been pining over a beauty blender!


    Sign up for Hautelook for free here!


    Happy Blending!



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