$1 Makeup from Shop Miss A Review & Wear Test

With budget beauty, things can be hit or miss. Drugstore makeup has definitely been stepping up the game recently, but we’ve started to see the prices go up as well. When you do find an amazing bargain, you might wonder if it’s too good to be true. So when I heard about Shop Miss A, I had to do some digging.

Shop Miss A is a trendy online shop that has a ton of accessories and makeup starting at $1. Their makeup category is mostly made up of their own brand, AOA Studio, but there are also some brands that I recognize from brick-and-mortar dollar stores like Santee. I decided to pick out products to put together a full face of makeup and see if it’s worth a shopping trip, or something you should skip.

Watch the video above to see how each product applies, and how they wear throughout the day.

Curious if Shop Miss A is legit for buying makeup? Check out my Shop Miss A review and haul, and see which products are worth the  alt=

1. AOA Studio Wonder Skin Perfecting Blur Primer ($1)
I liked the consistency of this primer— it had more of a gel-like feel rather than silicone. However, it wasn’t apparent to me on the site that it had actual glitter particles suspended in the formula. Not illuminating shimmer… actual glitter. Once it’s spread over your face, it’s not incredibly obvious but once in a while a particle will catch the light and then there’s just random glitter among your face makeup.

2. Santee Flawless Liquid Foundation ($1)
This foundation was one of the more surprising products I tried from this haul! It has a creamy consistency but doesn’t feel too heavy on the face. You get medium coverage and a natural finish. I did start to look a little bit shiny about 5 hours after applying, but it was a soft dewiness… not greasy looking. However, next time I use it I will probably powder it before moving on to the rest of my face makeup to help blending.

3. AOA Studio Sculpting Brow Pencil ($1)
This was pretty straightforward— one end has a spoolie, the other end a retractable pencil. The dark brown still has a warmth to it; next time I think I’ll pick up taupe for something more neutral. However, you get buildable pigmentation and a natural brow look that’s easy to apply. On a warmer day, I’m not sure how long it will last… but on a winter day I had no problem wearing it all day.

4. AOA Studio Perfect Eye Primer in Nude ($1)
This eye primer gets my stamp of approval! It goes on with a thinner consistency that blends easily and does retain a little bit of tackiness to hang on to your shadows. The Nude shade is a light eggshell color that helps conceal any dark tones around your lids. It held on to my shadow without creasing or fading… so it did its job!

Curious if Shop Miss A is legit for buying makeup? Check out my Shop Miss A review and haul, and see which products are worth the  alt=

5. Amuse Nude Matte Eyeshadow Palette in Blushing Nudes ($1)
Eyeshadows from the dollar store can be tricky… so I was worried about this palette though the shades were right up my alley. I’m happy to report that they were so easy to blend, and never became muddy even as I layered different colors with each other. Some of the darker shades did apply lighter than they appeared in the pan, but I was able to darken them by layering. On top of the primer, the shadow looked just as good at the end of the day as when I first put it on.

6. Amuse Rose Matte Blush in Dusty Rose ($1)
The Rose Matte Blush is definitely a winner! I love the Dusty Rose shade, which adds a natural flush to the cheeks. It definitely reminds me of the Milani Powder Rose Blush, and I like the swipe-out packaging. Something to note, though, is that this is fragranced so sensitive skin beware.

7. AOA Studio Wonder Baked Highlighter in Cream Puff ($1)
This had to be my favorite makeup product we picked up on this haul. Most baked highlighters end up looking too shimmery on me, but this one retains a smooth sheen that catches the light beautifully. No huge or noticeable shimmer particles you can pick out. I’ll definitely be using this one again!

Curious if Shop Miss A is legit for buying makeup? Check out my Shop Miss A review and haul, and see which products are worth the  alt=

8. AOA Studio PLUSH Faux Mink Brush Set ($10)
This brush set is completely vegan and cruelty free, and is still incredibly affordable compared to similar products. I will say, the fake leather roll up pouch the brushes came in smelled strongly of plastic, which I hope diminishes over time. But each brush was individually wrapped in plastic so they smelled fine. The synthetic bristles were soft and dense for the most part. The only one I had a problem with was the F25 brush when contouring. It wasn’t as soft as the other brushes in the set, so wasn’t great for blending. The others— especially the eye brushes— were great!

Curious if Shop Miss A is legit for buying makeup? Check out my Shop Miss A review and haul, and see which products are worth the  alt=

9. AOA Studio Wonder Blender Sponge ($1.55)
Maybe what I’m most excited about out of the entire haul is the Wonder Blender Sponge. For $1, I can hands down say that this rivals my original beautyblender. It’s incredibly soft and cushy, and grows significantly in size when wet (even bigger than the beautyblender!). It’s super bouncy and blends makeup very well. I’ll definitely be purchasing this in the future. This particular color was part of their Paw Paw collection benefiting animal charities, so it is $1.55 but the original Wonder Blender is only $1.

Curious if Shop Miss A is legit for buying makeup? Check out my Shop Miss A review and haul, and see which products are worth the  alt=

10. Amuse Pro Big Lash Mascara ($1)
The first disappointment of the haul was the Amuse Pro Big Lash Mascara. It didn’t offer much length, which is what my lashes desperately need. If you already have long wispy lashes, it could help with thickening but that’s about it.

11. JK Colour Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($1)
This eyeliner was a tease! It went on so smoothly, black and matte with no tugging. The brush applicator made it easy to create a sharp cat eye. But alas, not 20 minutes into wearing it did it start to crumble. I didn’t even touch my eye and it was flaking off! I could never go throughout my day having to worry about that, especially when the black fallout ends up all over my face and eyelids.

12. AOA Wonder Matte Liquid Lipstick in Blessed ($1)
I didn’t even go through with testing this liquid lipstick throughout the day. It was a thin formula, which I usually like in liquid lipsticks, but it dried down too quickly! I wasn’t able to get a smooth and opaque coverage before it started becoming patchy with each layer.

Curious if Shop Miss A is legit for buying makeup? Check out my Shop Miss A review and haul, and see which products are worth the  alt=

12. Makeover Essentials Contour Kit ($1)
I’m on the fence about this contour kit. For $1, you get a TON of product and a pretty decent selection of shades. After my first experience of it looking patchy when applied with the rogue brush, I tried again with my go-to contour brush and it looked much better. However, you definitely have to layer up the color, even at my light/medium skin tone. Any darker than I am, and it probably won’t work for you.

Overall, there were definitely some gems in this haul that I can actually see myself purchasing in the future. It seemed like the AOA Studio brand was the most trustworthy with the exception of the liquid lipstick. I’m stoked about the sponge, because for a dollar it blew some of my more expensive sponges out of the water.

Check out the rest of what Shop Miss A has to offer— they offer free shipping on orders $35 and ship wordwide!

Have you tried anything from Shop Miss A yet?


  1. I have been shopping at Shop Miss A for over a year now. I absolutely love them. In my opinion, their AOA Studio line can pretty much rival more expensive brands. I haven’t tried their blending sponge yet but it will be in my next order.
    I also hooked my Sister up with some of their products and she is in love with the Santee BB cream.
    Like you said though some products are hit or miss but then again it’s only a $1 so you really aren’t losing anything.
    I also buy headbands that are 3 in a package for a dollar and use these when I’m washing my face, masking, etc.

    1. Good tip about the headbands! I’ll have to try the BB Cream next. I’m definitely going to try more from AOA– I was so impressed!

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