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Beauty 360 No-Light Gel Polish Review

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April 6, 2017

I have almost all but given up getting my nails done at the salon. I’m just way too hard on them, and also clumsy, so polish always chips within a couple days for me. The only thing that really helps color last on my nails is if I get a gel manicure.

How long does the Beauty 360 No-Light Gel Polish last? Read the review to find out! | Slashed Beauty

But alas, gel manicures are expensive, super time consuming, and hard on the nails. So when the CVS Beauty 360 brand came out with their No-Light Gel Polish, I was more than intrigued. This line includes an Adhesive Base Coat, High Shine Top Coat, and 36 colors for whatever mood strikes you. Together, the formula is supposed to last up to 10 days with full color coverage, all at just $4.99 a bottle.

How long does the Beauty 360 No-Light Gel Polish last? Read the review to find out! | Slashed Beauty

The polishes have a really great consistency— thick enough to cover your nail in just a few strokes, but still able to be layered without clumping up. The Adhesive Base Coat dries quickly and creates an even layer for the color to lay on. Even though my new nail routine has made my nails longer and stronger, I still do have a little bit of unevenness on the nail bed. Luckily, the base coat smoothed everything out to prime them.How long does the Beauty 360 No-Light Gel Polish last? Read the review to find out! | Slashed Beauty

I chose the shade Pebble, which is a pastel grey that’s so chic and applies creamy. In two thin coats, I had completely opaque color. The High Shine Top Coat went on smoothly as a last step, drying quickly for a manicure that almost looked professional! It totally looked like a traditional gel manicure, and I felt like I didn’t have to sit tight for ages waiting for my nails to dry. After about 15 minutes, the polish seemed set and I could get on with my day.

But, the problems started that night. While my nails had dried, they hadn’t hardened completely. Dents appeared after I had bumped my hand on something. I was able to smooth the polish out using my other finger, and it looked pretty unnoticeable, so I moved on.

Is the Beauty 360 No-Light Gel Polish a good at-home gel manicure alternative? | Slashed Beauty

I had used this polish in preparation for a weekend trip to Seattle, and was really counting on it at least lasting the length of the trip. However, more dents appeared the next morning on my index and middle finger. By day 3, I had chipping on the tips that eventually worked their way up throughout the trip. The thing is, since I wasn’t working or doing any of my normal daily nail-chipping activities (working out, washing dishes), it was surprising how quickly the manicure was ruined! The formula didn’t seem any more effective than my typical nail polish routine.

With that said, the color polishes are still nice little bottles for $5 each at CVS. I’m probably going to pick up more of the shades without expecting it to last any longer than my other at-home manicures. They still offer great 2-coat color and make my nails look great while it’s on. Unfortunately, it’s back to square one in the hunt for a truly long-lasting polish routine I can do at home.

Have you found an at-home alternative to gel manicures?


6 Responses

  1. Carol Locklin
    | Reply

    I’m retired. I thought I’d try the CVS Beauty 360 gel polish and it went on nicely. That was on a Wednesday. Today is Saturday and every nail is chipping an peeling. Sally Hansen is WAY BETTER!

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      Yep, it’s a shame because I love the price point and shade selection. Oh well.

  2. Nancy
    | Reply

    I am a nurse and constantly wash my hands, so I too am looking for a great gel polish. Still no luck. Bummer… ) ;

  3. ★ jamie lynn bowie♪⚡ (@rckblykitn)
    | Reply

    My problem with is that I have a uv lamp but I can’t find a good brand. I can’t remember the brand but every time I’ve used it the polish starts to peel off after a day or two. It’ll peel completely off in 1 piece from most nails. I have 4 different colors and they all do it. The drugstores seem to have stopped selling the actual gel polish that requires the uv light in favor of the light-free kind (like the one in your review here). The only way I’ve ever been able to keep them from chipping or peeling is going to the salon, but I’m certain there’s brands out there that work better than what I have. I’d probably do my nails much more often if I could find one that stayed for more than a day! It’s so frustrating to put in all that work and have it wasted so quickly! I’m interested to see if anyone else has any better suggestions for us!!

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      I agree… I even tried the Sephora system and it chipped less than this one, but has a whole extra step to the routine. At that point it’s just easier to go to the salon and snooze lol

  4. NeverSayDieBeauty
    | Reply

    Oh boo! I was hoping it would last better. My nails chip so quickly, I was hoping this would be a good brand to try

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