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How to Multi-Mist with Pixi Face Mists

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April 10, 2017

As the weather starts warming up, I tend to cut back on the amount of products in my skin care routine. Not because I don’t need them, but because I don’t like applying too many layers of anything when it’s hot out. Especially on hot days when I’m wearing makeup, too many serums and creams makes me feel masked. Because I cut back, my skin isn’t getting all the nourishment it’s used to, which doesn’t make it happy. This season, I’m remedying this problem by using face mists and multi-misting.

Face mists deliver skin benefits in a fine spray that sinks quickly into the skin. You can layer face mists easily since they’re so lightweight. This practice has recently come to be known as multi-misting. It’s a great way to keep up with your skin care routine without feeling weighed down.

My favorite face mists to do this with come from Pixi. They have four that I’ve been working into my Spring skin care routine to maintain my glow and hydration.

Pixi’s face mists come in short bottles that will last you about a month if you’re spraying liberally. The nozzles are all very secure and easy to spray, letting off a very fine mist that covers a lot of surface area in one spritz. I use a different amount of pumps per face mist depending on how my skin is feeling and the mist’s purpose.

Find out which Pixi face mists are for you, and how to do the latest trend in skin care: multi-misting. This method is great for layering in spring!

The four fast mists Pixi offers that I use in my multi-misting routine include:

How I Multi-Mist:

TONE: The Vitamin Wake Up Mist is a vitamin-boosting toner the uses citrus fruit extracts and orange blossom to revive your complexion. I use it in the morning like a normal toner after cleansing and before moisturizing for the day. I spray about 3 pumps to cover my entire face. You can also use this face mist after makeup to add another layer of hydration, or anytime to refresh the skin.

HYDRATE: Hydrating Milky Mist is one of my favorites. This face mist uses hyaluronic acid and black oat for a light coat of hydration— and a skin-plumping effect— that lasts. This is a great morning moisturizer for all skin types, since it’s effective without being heavy. You can also work it into your night time routine as a first layer of moisture to be locked in by a heavier product. Use it anytime in the day when you need a little hydration pick me up. I spray about 4 pumps for combination skin.

I use the Vitamin Wake Up Mist and Hydrating Milky Mist together in my morning routine along with my current go-to cleanser and SPF.

SET: I use the Makeup Fixing Mist two ways: both as a primer and as a makeup setting spray, depending on the day. It uses rose water and green tea to protect and hydrate the skin while keeping your makeup in place all day. It prevents products from settling into fine lines or breaking up on the face, and adds a blurred-skin finish to your look. I use about two pumps before and two pumps after makeup.

GLOW: Finally, the OG mist from the brand, their Glow Mist. You can use this mist— which contains natural oils, aloe vera and fruit extracts— a number of ways. I personally use it on no-makeup makeup days when I want a really luminous look to my skin. I also spritz one to two pumps to my face if I want to add dewiness to an otherwise matte makeup look. It can also help refresh your makeup if it starts to settle throughout the day.

The Makeup Fixing Mist and Glow Mist work well layered together to set makeup and give it a natural glow.

This multi-misting routine has worked out extremely well for me. I’m still able to work in my favorite skin ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil via a more lightweight product. Multi-misting, especially with these Pixi face mists, has kept my routine streamlined and my skin happy for Spring.

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