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10 Best Travel Makeup Bags to Buy on Amazon

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November 11, 2019

Packing for travel can be nerve-wracking enough, wondering if I forgot anything and anticipating what I’ll need. Same goes for putting together your travel beauty bag. You don’t know when the mood will strike for a bold lip or shimmery eye. Having the right type of travel makeup bag can help make packing easier, though. With a spot for everything, you won’t be forced to pick favorites or forget your travelling beauty essentials.

Keep reading to find the best travel makeup bags you can pick up on Amazon for your next trip! Click the bag to find the product on Amazon.

10 Best Travel Makeup Bags to Buy on Amazon | Packing Makeup for Travel | Travel Beauty Bags from Amazon | Slashed Beauty

1. MelodySusie Large Hanging Toiletry Bag | $16.99
This is the bag I personally use when I’m going on a long trip and need to take a lot of stuff with me. It’s a large hanging bag that can hold it all— makeup, brushes, skin care, and tools. Hanging bags are my favorite because you can hook them onto the towel bar or robe hook to save you counterspace. Since this has so much room, I can put everything beauty related inside instead of separating into several bags. Take a closer look inside the bag in my post here.

2. Mountaintop Hanging Toiletry Bag | 9.99
This is another hanging bag, but much smaller than the first for lighter packers. With several mesh pockets inside, you can organize and find a spot for everything.

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3. Clear Travel Cosmetic Top Handle Bag | $8.23
Clear bags make it so much easier to pick out exactly what you’re looking for. This is a simple clear, one-compartment bag with a top handle for easy carrying. It’s large enough to hold travel bottles from both your skin care and hair care routine!

4. Shockproof Beauty Hard Case | $16.99
If you’re worried about your bag getting tossed around, you might want to store your precious beauty products in a hard makeup case like this. It looks sort of like a miniature hard roller bag, and expands out to reveal a main compartment and two mesh pockets for organization. The case is water resistant and shock proof in case of drops!

5. Relavel Makeup Brush Organizer Bag | $11.99
Don’t just stuff your brushes in with the rest of your makeup to get bent and smushed. I always carry a designated brush holder if my bag doesn’t have specific slots for them. This case has 30 slots so you don’t have to leave any brushes behind, plus a detachable mesh pouch for sponges or other small tools like sharpeners and tweezers.

6. 3 Pack Marble Makeup Bag Set | $13.99
If you’re looking for value, this 3-bag set gives you an option for whether you want to pack light, heavy or somewhere in between. Or, use all three bags for organizing different parts of your routine, or other small accessories. The inner lining is waterproof so spills wipe away easily, and the smallest bag is perfect for your purse to keep cosmetics away from other belongings.

7. Jadyn B Cinch Top Makeup Bag | 13.88
This canvas bag lets you store your products vertically inside, and sits upright on its own. It has one large compartment plus pockets inside for smaller items and brushes. To close the bag, you pull a drawstring which pulls fabric together at the top to enclose your items.

8. Nylon Travel Toiletry Organizer | $14.99
Want something no-frills, but super functional? This popular toiletry bag is Amazon’s Choice! It’s incredibly lightweight but strong, and has pockets for everything. Because of the flexible shape, you can either pack it to the brim so that it’s fully expanded, or save space and pack light— it’ll squish down with less inside and hardly take up any room in your luggage.

9. 14 pc Travel Bottles & Clear Bag Set | $9.99
Alright, so we all know about the 3-1-1 rule and packing liquids in clear bags for plane travel. Here’s a set that helps you follow all the rules without leaving anything behind. This clear bag comes with several travel containers you can use to bring your products with you in a compact way. You get squeeze tubes, spray bottles, jars of different sizes and a funnel to help you transfer product!

10. Lily England Makeup Bag | 17.99
This bag is someone who doesn’t want to sacrifice style. The chic black case with a double gold zipper has two main compartments. The top compartment holds brushes and small items in the mesh pocket, while the bottom compartment is large and un-divided for the rest of your must-haves.

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