Why You Should Try Reverse Washing Your Hair

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One routine definitely does not fit all when it comes to hair. Even one person can go between different products and regimens that work for them as their hair type changes throughout their life. Personally, my hair seems to change with every major cut. Most recently, I chopped off several inches back to collar-bone length for a winter refresh.

Reverse Washing is when you use conditioner BEFORE shampoo! Find out why you should try it in this post.

Because I have a thick and curly mane, my routine has always been tailored to working with a lot of hair… and dry hair at that. When I had a longer style, my routine was a perfect fit: light shampoo, heavy conditioner that I let sit for several minutes, rinse and apply leave-in conditioner. Of course, when I lost the length, this routine was weighing my hair down like crazy, deflating the natural volume I’d come to love. My new cut soon looked depressing, falling flat against my face instead of framing it.

Reverse Washing is when you use conditioner BEFORE shampoo! Find out why you should try it in this post.

In need of a new regimen, I turned to the latest trend in hair care: reverse washing. Reverse washing consists of exactly what it sounds like: doing the traditional shampooing and conditioning in reverse. While you could try this with whatever products you’re currently using, I wanted to go all in an do it right. So for my first crack at reverse washing, I used the new TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System which is made exactly for this technique.

Reverse Washing is when you use conditioner BEFORE shampoo! Find out why you should try it in this post.

The TRESemme Reverse Wash System consists of the Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner, which I applied first. It’s specifically formulated to volumize and polish the hair, while binding to the cuticles to protect through the next step of shampooing. It has a good slip to it without being too heavy, and spreads throughout my hair easily. Since I knew I would be washing it out later, I distributed it from root to tip, and rubbed lightly into my head to soothe my dry scalp. I let the conditioner sink in, just like I would in a typical routine, while I shaved my legs and washed my body.

Reverse Washing is when you use conditioner BEFORE shampoo! Find out why you should try it in this post.

After several minutes, I rinsed the conditioner out thoroughly. Then, it was time to move on to the Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo, which I focused onto my scalp. It gently cleansed, clearing away any weight left by the conditioner. The shampoo also felt relatively moisturizing on its own, which was a nice surprise. I rinsed that out after only a couple minutes, and stepped out of the shower.

Reverse Washing is when you use conditioner BEFORE shampoo! Find out why you should try it in this post.

I let my hair air dry, and anxiously awaited what results I’d meet. Having notoriously dry hair and scalp, I wasn’t sure washing away the conditioner would cut it for my thirsty locks. But as it dried, my hair was feeling softer while I could see it noticeably looking more full. Um, what! How the heck did that work!? My hair felt silky smooth, but incredibly light! The conditioner had really infused it with moisture, while the shampoo cleansed gently enough to maintain hydration but also avoid product buildup. In short: my hair felt salon-washed.

Reverse Washing is when you use conditioner BEFORE shampoo! Find out why you should try it in this post.

The concept of reverse washing is genius, especially if you’re looking for effortless, bouncy volume. You still get the moisture your hair needs but without getting weighed down. The routine is also great for color-treated hair, since you’re protecting with the conditioner before cleansing.

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If you wanna give the new trend a shot, check it: I’m giving away the TRESemme Reverse Washing Shampoo & Conditioner to one of you! Use the widget below to enter your email and follow the steps to complete your entry before February 13th, 11:59 pm. Click here for official rules. Good luck!

Have you tried reverse washing yet?



  1. Oh my favorite tutorial is the Tresemme Volume Seekers! My hair is thinner and I love how they added volume! I need to try that!

    1. I got so much volume by trying the Reverse Wash system, can’t wait to see if it works for you!

  2. I loved the volume seekers video! I am always looking for help with adding volume to my hair! It is very thick and kind of long so I struggle with getting good volume.

    1. Sounds like we have similar hair! This system really helped me. Good luck in the giveaway!

    1. Oh yes, my curls constantly need quenching. Luckily this reverse wash system is also very hydrating!

  3. I love reverse washing!! 😀 😀 I definitely am going to try this stuff. The only difference for me though, is I don’t rinse out the conditioner. With the original method of reverse washing, you don’t rinse out the conditioner. I just shampoo it out. I just use my regular conditioner and shampoo (I’m in looooooove with Paul Mitchell’s Tea Trea Special Shampoo right now – with tea tree, lavender, and peppermint 😀 ). I will try the Tresemme without rinsing first and see how that works. 🙂

    1. That’s what I’ve heard previously about washing the conditioner out with shampoo! I think because so many people are used to doing two rinses, that’s why they designed this product to be rinse-friendly. Tea Tree Oil is soooo great for the scalp! I used to incorporate it a lot. I should try it again!

  4. I tried reverse-washing before, and it’s definitely great for the Summer, but during Winter my hair just craves some extra nourishment.

  5. I have really fine hair. If I’ve gone a long time in between washings and it’s oily, I wash the regular way. If I’m washing it again the next day, I’ll reverse wash to keep it from getting too weighed down from the conditioner.

  6. We call it pre-pooing (Pre-shampoo treatment). I’ve been doing this forever. My hair loves it. Great post.

  7. I have tried reverse washing, but my hair is too tangly. I end up spending a hour working the rats out of my hair.

    I like to alternate standard shampoo/condition with CO (conditioner only) washing. 😀

    1. I wonder if these products would make it work for you– the shampoo is still very moisturizing so usually I end up with tangled hair too, and with these I didn’t at all!

  8. I just read about this yesterday and I am interested in trying it. I just went to CVS after work and I didn’t even think of this – but I have to go back tomorrow (I always forget something!) so I might pick this up if they have it in stock. I’m always up for trying something new for my hair! As for my favorite hair tutorial, it would currently be the one where you showed that Revlon “brush and blowdryer” in one thingy. I still really want one of those, I think it would cut my drying time in half!!

  9. Your hair looks fabulous! I haven’t had good luck with reverse washing, my hair ended up being too dry, but I’m glad it worked for you

  10. Quench my curls! I usually put on a heavy conditioner and rinse, then add a little bit back in as a leave-in. I’m skeptical that reverse-washing will work for me, but if it worked for you, maybe I’ll try it!

  11. Ohhhh, EXTRABUCKS YAS! I’ve never tired reverse washing but I just got a humongo hair cut and I could use a new regimen! i don’t have the curls, but I have other areas of concern I could work on!

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