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What to Bring to Coachella

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April 2, 2015

T minus eight days until weekend one of Coachella 2015! This is the first year I’ll be going, but I’m no stranger to music festivals and concerts. There’s not much time left to prepare and gather everything you need for the best time ever. Here’s a quick run down of a few things you won’t want to leave home without.

What to Bring to Coachella | Slashed Beauty

Backpack // Jansport
Water Bottle // Bobble
Body Wipes // Ban
Sunglasses // Forever 21
Sun Hat // Forever 21
Sunscreen // Solscents
Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 // e.l.f.
Jean Jacket // Old Navy
Hair Ties // Sephora
Travel Dry Shampoo // Batiste

For Your Supplies

You’re going to want to bring a lightweight backpack to the festival, as opposed to your purse. This will give you more room for your essentials, as well as any goodies you pick up from vendors! Just make sure not to overpack, you’ll be carrying this thing all day!

Your Lifeline

Keep your phone and phone charger on you at all times. This will be your lifeline— not only will you use it to hook up with friends during the festival, but you’ll probably be using it to snap photos and videos of your experience. Coachella doesn’t allow professional cameras inside, so your camera phone will be your best friend.

For Sun Protection

Let’s state the obvious: don’t even think about starting your fun without some broad spectrum SPF. Since you’ll be running from stage to stage, opt for a continuous spray sunscreen that is quick to apply and has a delicious scent to freshen up. You’ll also want to be sure to pack a lip balm with SPF— grab one that’s tinted for a pop of color.

For extra protection, don’t forget to pack a sun hat with a wide brim that will also help keep your head cool. Rock your cutest sunnies so you can keep your eyes open for celeb sightings!

For Great Hair All Weekend

Trust me. Dry shampoo is going to become your guardian hair angel this weekend. Regardless of if you’re lucky enough to be bunking in a hotel, or you’re camping in your car, it’s going to be hot and dry out there— not a great combo for your cute hairstyle. Keep a travel size dry shampoo in your backpack to freshen up and combat the greasy look. If all else fails, make sure you pack yourself no-tug hair ties to keep your mop out of your face.

To Stay Hydrated

Bring an empty water bottle to fill at fountains to save you the hassle of endlessly buying something to drink— because believe me, you’ll be thirsty! Staying hydrated is the key to actually having an enjoyable weekend instead of one where you feel dizzy and sick. For these things, I like to pack a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter.

To Stay Fresh

Showers may not be on the agenda this weekend for you. Stay feeling (and smelling) fresh with cooling body cloths that will get rid of the sweaty feeling… and scent.

To Stay Comfortable

While these festivals have practically become just as much about the fashion as they are about the music, you’ll want to dress smart so that you’re comfortable day in and day out. It’ll be hot during the day, but cool off substantially when the sun goes down. Dress in layers so that you can add or take away as the weather changes.

What’s on your Coachella packing list?


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    | Reply

    This is a great list, though I’d probably bring about five different kinds of sunscreen and a light long-sleeved shirt with me, lol. Pale people problems!

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