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I’ve Been Wearing a Men’s Fragrance Without Knowing: Valentino Uomo Born in Roma

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May 1, 2020

As a woman, are you ever drawn to men’s fragrances to wear yourself? While there seems to be a general categorization of what scents fit into the categories of feminine or masculine, I’d argue that most fragrances are unisex… especially if you avoid looking at the label.

Case in point: I’d been wearing the Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Eau de Toilette for the past few weeks. I for one love a bit of muskiness to my perfumes, and the sage, vetiver, mineral salt and ginger notes created a nice balance of sweet, fresh and warm. Not to mention, for an eau de toilette, the scent stuck around for a decent amount of time and stayed noticeable without being overpowering.

It reminds me a little bit of a beach-themed candle— which I don’t feel is an inherently masculine vibe. So imagine my surprise when I found out that this is actually marketed as a men’s fragrance! Even the bottle didn’t tip me off. The studded glass bottle looked edgy and cool, definitely a design that I think would catch my eye in-stores against all the soft curves and light colors of a typical women’s fragrance. Go figure!

Since finding out that this is technically a men’s eau de toilette, I had my husband try it out and he loved the scent, too. I have a feeling we’re going to be fighting over this bottle, now. It smells wonderful on him, and is probably my favorite fragrance he’s owned. It’s softer on the spectrum of men’s fragrances, and would be a great pick as a fresh summer scent that still stands its ground with a subtle spiciness thanks to the ginger.

Valentino Uomo Born in Roma is an eau de toilette, which means it’s not as strong as a cologne. You can learn more about fragrance terms and what they mean in my perfume for beginners video here. This helps contribute to its fluidity of gender categorization since it’s not as heavy as many colognes tend to be. Falling in love with this scent without knowing the label on it has inspired me to check out other men’s eau de toilettes to try something different!

Valentine Uomo Born in Roma is available in two sizes: 1.7oz for $77 and 3.4oz for $95 at Nordstrom.

Have you ever tried wearing a men’s fragrance (for women)?

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  1. Shae
    | Reply

    I received this as a sample. I did not realize that it was a male scent, as I am a female. I layered it with Juicy Couture….it smells great!

  2. Jen
    | Reply

    I received this Valentino fragrance as a sample from Ulta and was immediately obsessed and ready to buy! I had my teen take a sniff and she quickly said, smells like it’s for men…I was like, SERIOUSLY?? Then I come across this blog and had to chuckle…still buying it though *shrug*

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      That is too funny!! well you’re not alone!!

  3. Polished Hippy
    | Reply

    I love wearing men’s fragrances, especially citrus based ones! I also tend to buy men’s deodorants because I like the scents better.

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      I feel like men’s deodorants also last longer for heavy duty sweating!

  4. Jennifer M
    | Reply

    It looks like a grenade.

  5. 25 Sweetpeas
    | Reply

    This sounds like a great scent, and often I love scents marketed towards either!

  6. Kathryne
    | Reply

    It really does depend on the scent. Back in the day I like the Thiery Mugler womanity, little masculine according to my olfactory sense

  7. Krystal E
    | Reply

    I once wore my husband’s cologne before a trip because I love the smell and it reminded me of him but I never thought to go shopping for me on that side! Now I’m inspired to go look!

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