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Trying New Trends: Two Winter OOTDS

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December 19, 2016

Last week, I saw another blogger post, “Just because you wear clothes doesn’t mean you’re a fashion blogger.” For me, you don’t need to be putting together the most elaborate outfits to inspire someone. Honestly, random people on the street in seemingly “normal” outfits will lead me to trying out a new trend or something I wouldn’t have normally picked out myself due to insecurities. I wouldn’t necessarily label myself a fashionista, but I know I’ve got my own aesthetic that could possibly inspire someone else to try something new, however ordinary it may seem.

Exhibit A: the flannel shirt. I’ve never owned a proper flannel shirt until last week, because I thought it would look too masculine on me. Because of my chest and waist size, I was always terrified that this style of shirt would make me look shapeless and less feminine. But, Old Navy was having a killer Black Friday sale so I ordered one online in hopes to style it into a winter outfit that still made me feel feminine.

First of all, I knew this flowy scarf would help lighten the look. Since the shirt is rather boxy, I wanted to get back my womanly curves by wearing some skinny jeans that will give me shape. These super skinny jeans are… well, super skinny. But they definitely accentuate my hips and the wash lets me wear them casually or dress them up.

Exhibit B: halter necklines— another one that I didn’t think I could pull off. Not only am I self-conscious about my arms, but the high necks usually don’t do much for my upper body. You know how some shirts just fall straight down after your boobs, totally concealing your waist? That’s usually what these shirts do for me. I found one that I thought was such a pretty emerald green color, also during the Black Friday at Old Navy sale, and just went for it.

Luckily, it’s cut in a way that still gives me a waist without being too tight around the middle. The lacy design also gives it texture that keeps it from hugging unflattering parts of my tummy. Paired with the same super skinny jeans, I think it’s a little more sophisticated looking for a date or night out. Obviously, if you’re in colder parts of the world than Los Angeles, you’ll probably have to throw on a coat 😉

Whenever I wear a higher neckline, I try to offset it with a chunky necklace. I have a long torso, so this helps it look more proportionate. Swapping out my black high boots for nude flats also makes my legs look longer, and adds an overall classic simplicity to the look.

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