theBalm Meet Matt(e) Shmaker Eyeshadow Palette Review

In all seriousness, it has probably been about 4-5 years since I’ve tried any new releases from theBalm Cosmetics. Not for any particular reason but that they just haven’t really been in the limelight as much as when I first started my blog. But with their newest launch of the Meet Matt(e) Shmaker Eyeshadow Palette, I’m making a mental note to stay on top of them. Let’s dive in to this fresh release, shall we?

The new Meet Matt(e) Shmaker Eyeshadow Palette from theBalm: See swatches and read the review. | Slashed Beauty

The Meet Matt(e) Shmaker Eyeshadow Palette has a bold & romantic color scheme to it, with twelve shades that are matched into complimentary colors, or “couples”. In the past, the Meet Matt(e) palettes have only featured matte shades, however each pair of shades is made up of one shimmer to add dimension to the look. You all know how much I swoon for all-matte palettes, but I actually love the idea of this layout.

The new Meet Matt(e) Shmaker Eyeshadow Palette from theBalm: See swatches and read the review. | Slashed Beauty

Even though the shades are paired off in twos, you still get an overall cohesiveness inside that will let you swing between couples easily. The top half of the palette leans more warm neutral with medium browns, rose golds and bronzes. The bottom half is where the bold side will shine through with smoky tones, purple, green, and turquoise.

The palette itself is cardboard with a sleeve to help keep it closed more securely. There’s a mirror included in the lid, and it’s a compact square shape that fits easily into my collection.

The new Meet Matt(e) Shmaker Eyeshadow Palette from theBalm: See swatches and read the review. | Slashed Beauty

As you can see, we aren’t wanting for a lot when it comes to pigment. The shadows are loosely pressed so you can pick up and deposit a lot of product without too much effort. With that said, it also makes for a lot of kickback in the palette and fallout on the face. I’d say this is one of those palettes that you’ll want to use before doing your face makeup, especially when working with the deeper half of the shades. Either way, you get a beautiful blend with most of them, and a soft texture that makes for a smooth application.

Plus, they LAST. On top of my trusty $1 e.l.f. primer, these lasted through a New Year’s Eve hike that I seriously underestimated. My friends said we were “just going up a mile” but it was all literally steep uphill and I was sweating bullets. But at the top, everyone was like… “why does your makeup still look amazing though??”

The only shade that didn’t perform up to par was Matt Wong, the deep black that looks so rich in the pan! I just could not get it to swatch evenly for the life of me. When I tried on the eyes, it works well when packed on or used as a liner, but I’m not the hugest fan of how it blends out. It loses the rich tone and ends up looking like a sheer charcoal color.

The new Meet Matt(e) Shmaker Eyeshadow Palette from theBalm: See swatches and read the review. | Slashed Beauty

Here’s one of my go-to looks with this palette. I know, I know, it looks very similar to like every other look I do when I get a new palette. But give me a break, you know you have specific shade you gravitate towards! 🙂

I used Matt Stupak and Matt Shahvaran in my crease, packing Pat Lemos on the lid and Kate Shahvaran in the inner corner and brow bone. In my outer crease, I used Matt Campbell. I swept Alex Stupak on the lower lash line before finishing off the look with theBalm Shwing Black Liquid Liner (which, side note, I love. It’s deep and matte, and gives me a precise application).

For only $29.50, I think Meet Matt(e) Shmaker is priced very fairly for some great shadows. You get a nice color range instead of your typical all-neutral palette, so it’s truly something different that can probably fill a gap in your collection.

What’s the last product you tried from theBalm?


  1. Ohh I didn’t know they released a new matt(e) palette! I adored their original. Their shadows do produce kick up, but they are so pretty on the eyes. I feel like this brand is so forgotten about, their retro packaging and cute names are so adorable though!

  2. I was on a kick of theBalm a few years ago and bought everything they had. I had a lot of fun reviewing the palettes. I remember that they had a good amount of kickback but the colors were so pretty. This looks like a nice new addition to their lineup.

  3. I haven’t bought any shadows from the Balm. But I really like their cheek stain powders! I have to resist this palette, ugh!!!

  4. I have’t use The Balm products in a long time either. This palette looks so pretty! I love they way they did the pairings. The swatches look great too – even the one that didn’t perform as well for you.

  5. Wow, that is a gorgeous palette! I had actually forgotten about The Balm! They definitely haven’t gotten much press in a while!

  6. I too haven’t bought anything from theBalm in a year or two, but I also love the brand. I love their cream blush palette from a few years ago. At first, I thought that most of their matte palettes looked the same, but from your swatches that’s not true at all – this one looks quite different. It also looks kind of cool-toned or at least neutral. Hmmm, now I think I’d love this new palette! Love your eye look

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