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The Best of BH Cosmetics: Makeup & Tools

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July 1, 2019

Ever since the beginning of my makeup exploration, BH Cosmetics has been a part of my routine. I bought my first ever brush set and makeup palette from them back in high school— the makeup palette I wore every day, that I wore to prom, that I wore to graduation! Since then, their quality has only improved while staying true to their budget-friendly price points. They’re also cruelty-free with some vegan options as well, and literally always have a sale going on. You really never have to buy anything full price.

Today, I’m shouting out what I consider to be the best makeup and brushes from BH Cosmetics that are must-haves. Whether you’re checking out the brand for the first time, or are already a fan and want some new product suggestions, these are personal favorites that I predict won’t disappoint. Click the picture of the product to find it on their website.

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The Best of BH Cosmetics: Best Makeup & Best Tools | Slashed Beauty

1. Take Me Back to Brazil Palette
If you want an all-encompassing rainbow palette for all your colorful looks, this is an awesome choice. The pressed pigments are incredibly vibrant and easy to work with. You can see me create a bright-yet-wearable look with this palette in this tutorial. There’s a great balance of shimmer and matte shades, so you can truly create full looks without dipping into any other palettes. The bottom of the palette features three larger shades— two transforming highlighters that can be used on their own or as toppers, and a matte black to use as liner or darken up any shade.

2. Ultimate Neutrals Palette
You’ll be hard pressed to ever need another neutral palette once you own this one. This larger palette includes 36 shades with a mix of warm and cool neutrals, mattes, satins and shimmers. You pretty much have everything you need for look, from professional to glam. It’s not particularly travel-friendly because of the size and lack of mirror, but the case is sturdy if you don’t mind it taking up a bit more space in your travel bag!

3. Cashmere Cream Comfort Lipstick
These are some of my favorite liquid lipsticks. The mousse texture applies smoothly with opaque color in one swipe and stays comfortable on the lips for hours. It dries down to a velvet finish with a bit of shine, and is never drying. The color lasts for hours, only breaking down slightly after eating in the innermost part of the lips. You can see swatches of all these shades here.

4. Studio Pro Perfecting Sponge
First of all, black sponges are the bomb because you don’t have to worry about stains. Second of all, I love the shape of this sponge which is comfortable to hold and multi-purpose. The pointed tip is great for getting into tight areas like the crease of the nose or under the eye, and the rounded bottom is great for foundation. The curve of the upper half is also great for blending out cream contour, or bouncing blush and highlight onto the cheekbones.

5. Waterproof Lip Liner
This stuff is no joke. If you need a long lasting lip liner, look no further. Not sure what you need lip liner for in the first place? Check out this post. This lip liner is really creamy and easy to apply to the lips whether you’re overdrawing your natural shape, or want to put down a base for your lipstick to last longer. Once it sets, you don’t have to worry about smudging or transferring. I’ve even used these on their own for a long-lasting lip color!

6. Rose Quartz Brush Set
BH Cosmetics knows brushes. Like I mentioned earlier, they made the very first brush set I ever owned, and those brushes lasted me through high school and halfway through college! This particular brush set is a great choice for beginners, as it includes all the staples you need for your face and eyes.

7. Zodiac Love Signs Palette
Another large palette in size, but one you don’t want to sleep on. BH Cosmetics makes the best baked shadow formula, hands down, and the Zodiac palettes showcase that beautifully. The Zodiac Love Signs palette leans a bit rosy with pops of blue and staple neutrals in shimmer and mattes. Watch my in-depth review and a tutorial using this palette here.

8. Glitter Collection
BH makes my favorite glitters for when I want a look to really shine! Their glitter collection is great for face and body, and they have a large range of colors.

9. Hangin’ in Hawaii Palette
This has been a recent staple in my travel makeup routine. This is such an awesome spring/summer palette with mostly neutral shades and pops of pink. It’s compact, has a mirror inside and has been the only palette I’ve traveled with on my last 3 trips. You have enough of a range to get light and subtle looks, or sultry glam. You can see my swatches of this palette in this post.

What are your favorite BH Cosmetics products?

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