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Ever since I’ve started to do try-on fashion videos on my YouTube, I’ve been getting a lot of comments from women of the same size and shape as me who are grateful to see how clothes look on someone who’s not particularly mannequin-esque. I’m 5’4”, a size 8 and consider myself to be pear shaped– my hips are the widest part of my body. I also have a lower belly pooch that I’m very conscious of when trying on clothes.

On my most recent trip to Target, the store was having a pretty great deal on Jeans— 50% off for the whole family! Looking around, I realized that I had never tried Universal Thread— the store’s resident denim brand. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try on a few styles and share my thoughts in this dressing room diary.

STYLE 1: Universal Thread Mid-Rise Jeggings

Review of Target Universal Thread Jeans with Dressing Room Try On Photos | Size 8 | Slashed Beauty

I’ve been living in jeggings recently, because they’re so damn comfortable. I actually grabbed this pair thinking they were regular jeans because of the thickness of the denim. I didn’t realize until I saw the tag that they were jeggings, after saying out loud in the dressing room, “Ooh, these are comfortable!” I would say this is right in between a standard jean and jegging. They still have a bit of structure to them, but are very stretchy. Despite being form fitting, I don’t feel squeezed into them. These were an 8 Short and they fit perfectly. The hem of the jeggings hit right below my ankle with no bunching up. The Mid-Rise Jeggings hit me right under my belly button which is a really comfortable height for me, and there was no gapping in back, even without a belt. Overall, these were really hard to pass up, but I literally just bought some jeggings last month and my drawers are bursting!

What I’m wearing on top: Universal Thread Pocket V-Neck (they seem to only carry the Camo print in stores).

STYLE 2: Universal Thread High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Pink & Light Gray

Review of Target Universal Thread Jeans with Dressing Room Try On Photos | Size 8 | Slashed Beauty

I actually don’t have any colorful jeans because they’ve always seemed a bit hard to style. But I feel like these pink jeans are still neutral enough to pair with a ton of different tops. Above you can see me pairing them with the camo tee, just rolled up as a crop top.

Review of Target Universal Thread Jeans with Dressing Room Try On Photos | Size 8 | Slashed Beauty

I also tried on the same style in light gray while tying up a long sleeved t-shirt. These jeans were a 8 Regular and I was surprised that the length was perfect on me. Could be because I pulled these allllll the way up past my belly button. As someone with a longer torso, these were the perfect height for me in terms of the high-rise. I love when a waistline can come as close as possible to the smallest point in my waist. The style is fitted throughout with a smoothing appearance, which my lower tummy appreciated very much! Sometimes high waisted items can end up making me look very front-heavy, but these sort of tucked everything in. They definitely had a more snug fit than the jeggings, and with a bit less stretch.

What I’m wearing on top: Universal Thread Long Sleeve Twist Front Shirt tied up to be a crop top.

STYLE 3: Universal Thread High-Rise Skinny Jeans Dark Wash

Review of Target Universal Thread Jeans with Dressing Room Try On Photos | Size 8 | Slashed Beauty

So even though these have the same name as the pink and grey jeans, the fit was a bit different. Again, I chose an 8 Short in this dark wash pair which had the perfect leg length for me while also sporting a waistline high enough to clear my belly button. But these were a lot tighter than the style in pink and light gray. They just felt a bit stiffer throughout and I couldn’t even imagine sitting down in them. I’ll admit, they contoured to my body really nicely while standing, but I just didn’t feel very… mobile. They were also made of a thicker denim than the colorful counterparts, so I find it a bit strange that they’re all called the same style name. If I had only looked at the tags, I would have assumed they were all exactly the same as far as fit and feel, just in different colors.

STYLE 4: Universal Thread Raw Hem Straight Jeans in Light Wash (Clearance)

Review of Target Universal Thread Jeans with Dressing Room Try On Photos | Size 8 | Slashed Beauty

It’s a shame that these are on clearance because I really liked this style. They actually remind me a lot of the La Vie Rebecca Taylor jeans I rented from Rent the Runway last month. This pair is high waisted with a relaxed fit throughout and a straight leg. Online, there are only size 14 and 16s left but in-store, I was able to find a rack with a few 8s and under. This style gives me some 90s throwback vibes and is a good match for a fitted tee. I didn’t end up buying these because the fit was just a bit too loose around my waist, and I’m planning on toning up this year anyway.


Overall, I’m actually very impressed with the Universal Thread jeans. I had never tried them on and for such affordable prices (all of these were $27 and under originally) you don’t necessarily have to wait for a sale. They all feel really sturdy and made well, and I’m happy that they had a variety of styles that actually flattered my figure.

Have you ever tried the Target Universal Thread jeans?


  1. I’m a shorter 5’3 petite & size 8 like you! When I was running marathons I fit in sizes 4-6 depending on stores but I never have liked super tight clothing so an 8 is perfect. I wear medium tops. Can fit into small depending on cut & style again but prefer comfort and also linger in tummy since I had two kids (now graduated from universities) by c-sections so I own my kangaroo pouch proudly! Lol! But i run/walk for miles still got addicted to that, so pretty fit. I tried and purchased three pants at clearance after Christmas for real cheap and they fit so good! I actually ended up returning a pair of jeans at BR they were a bit on the short side and prefer the Target length I’ll just fold the pants when wearing sneakers or let it go full length with boots or heels. I was thrilled with the fit! Previously years ago zipper would open but not these time. I bought a couple of jeans one plain, one with diamonds cause ‘Shine Bright like a Diamond’ and a black one! 🙂

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