Sunday Outfit Inspo: Casual Plans, Brunch & Errands

Sundays are my favorite. They’re the one day a week that my husband and I take the day off consistently for time together, or with friends. On Sundays you can find us at the gym, at brunch, at a friend’s house for a casual gathering… or at home in our PJs watching Netflix all day. Even if we’re unsure of what’s in store for the week ahead, we know we can look forward to Sunday as our time for fun, rest and relaxation.

Sunday Outfit Inspo: Casual Plans, Brunch & Errands

The weekend in general is a great time to sport new outfits, as well! Need some Sunday outfit inspiration? Check out the outfits below I put together, whether you’ll be social or just ticking things off a to-do list.


On Sundays, we often find ourselves spending time with friends at one of our houses, or perhaps a local bar. These types of days can lead to spontaneous plans, so for an outfit that will look great in any scenario, try these classic wardrobe staples.

Not sure if there’s anything more iconic than the Adidas three-stripe sneaker. They’re my favorite when I want to be comfortable and casual. This saddle bag is perfect for carrying all of your essentials— it’s deceptively roomy! I love the aesthetic of a white blouse with light-wash jeans. It’s timeless and clean.

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