Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliner Review

With Summer heat in full swing, I’ve needed to edit my makeup routine to favor more long-lasting formulas. Perfect timing for the new Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliners to land on my desk! The So Fierce eyeliners just hit stores and are supposed to deliver up to 16 hours of waterproof wear with bold pigmentation and a shiny vinyl finish. Basically, they’re supposed to check all the boxes for what you’d want in a summer liner.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliners | Slashed Beauty

Right off the bat, I noticed that the formula of these liners are incredibly soft and creamy— almost to a fault. When I first went to swatch them, I broke the tip off two of the liners using moderate pressure. At first I thought perhaps this was because they had warmed up as they were being shipped… we’re hitting an average 95 degrees in Vegas daily now! But, it continued to happen days later before I finally remembered that you need to apply these super lightly. Luckily, the creamy formula means that you really don’t need to press hard at all to get 100% opaque color in one swipe.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliners | Waterproof Drugstore Eyeliner Pencil | Slashed Beauty
Shades Left to Right: Midnight Mystery, Royal Rules, Righteous Rum, Force of Steel, Mighty Mocha, Powerful Plum

I was actually blown away with how pigmented and smooth these liners were; the color just pops off the skin! These really glide on with zero tug and a whole lot of impact.

Now usually, this type of formula lends itself to be a great option for tightlining, which is how I tested these liners at first. Weirdly enough, they just would not stay in my waterline. They didn’t translate the same way as they do on the skin— they were less opaque, and faded/smudged within a few blinks.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliners | Waterproof Drugstore Eyeliner Pencil | Slashed Beauty

On the actual lash line and eyelid though, I had much better results. Once you apply them, you have a bit of working time if you want to smudge them out before they set. Because they’re so soft, they blend out super easily without losing their vibrancy.

When these liners set, they are definitely long lasting with only a bit of smudging occurring by the end of the day. I actually wore Powerful Plum during an intensely sweaty workout by accident last week and was shocked how much remained on my lid by the end— even though I was wiping at my face with a towel the whole time! Throughout other wear tests, I’ve found that if you wear them without blending them out, they definitely last longer… though I usually never wear pencil eyeliner without smoking them out.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliners | Waterproof Long Lasting Drugstore Eyeliner Pencil | Slashed Beauty

This liner is a sharpen-tip which isn’t my favorite, but these sharpen easily. Though, they dull very fast because of the soft formula so it will be difficult to achieve thin, precise lines with this product. They use the example of “the feel of a gel for your easiest wing yet” in their advertising, but there is no way I can get my signature winged liner with this type of pencil without a stencil.

Overall, the Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliners definitely perform well, but I’m a bit bummed that they’re not dual-purpose for tightlining, too. If there’s a shade that calls to you, it’s worth picking up at just under $8, but my staple go-to will remain something I can use for all my liner needs in one.

What’s your favorite long lasting eyeliner for summer?


  1. No matter which method I try, sharpening it becomes a mission. It always ends up rugged with sharp points. My last resort is now to put it in the fridge and then try sharpening it again. If I get the same result, I will NOT buy the Revlon So Fierce vinyl eyeliner again.

  2. Hi Miranda, I purchased the Revlon So Fierce purple vinyl eyeliner and after the second use got what felt like an allergic reaction, waited a couple of days to clear and applied it again, this time it was worse. Then waited another week and tried it again this morning, no eyeshadow or mascara. Within an hour I had the worst infection ever! Swollen and red eyelids and a discharge from the eye itself. Could I perhaps be allergic to the product? This has never happened before with any Revlon or other brand. Please share your thoughts thank you very much for your time.

    1. I’m surprised you went in for a third time and would very much suggest not taking your chances with products around your eyes that give you irritation even once! But yes, perhaps a reaction– did you speak with a doctor? That’s always the best route to go!

  3. How does the tip advance? Is there more product inside the pencil or is the visible tip all there is? The package says that there is 1.2g of product but there are no instructions on how to access it.

  4. I am completely baffled how to sharpen this eyeliner…it goes completely flat and it does not twist in order to bring up eyeliner to sharpen…I have purchased two because I thought I did something incorrectly…love the way it applies but hate that it goes flat…

  5. How do you sharpen the Neutrogena Gel Eyeliner? I am looking for a mechanical liner like Marc Jacobs but not so pricey.

  6. Hi Miranda!

    I have yet to find an eyeliner that stays up in my waterline! If you have any suggestions, I would LOVE to know them! I am just getting back into makeup again and I’ve loved the looks you’ve created on your YouTube channel! I haven’t copied any of them, yet, but I remain confident that I will try to do some of them in the near future. Thank you for all the great tips and advice! You’re one of only a few select YouTubers/Bloggers that I take seriously. Makeup is so FUN!

    1. Thanks for your comment! You’ve gotta check out the new Neutrogena Intense Gel Eyeliner– it’s what I’ve been using for the past couple months on my waterline and it seriously stays put!

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