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Milani Spring 2015: Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks, Fierce Foil Eyeshines, Fierce Foil Eyeliners

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January 26, 2015

Spring is in the air… at least when it comes to new beauty releases! I’ve all but drowned myself in the Milani Spring 2015 collection and can’t wait to show you some of my favorites (and not-so-favorites) from the line.

Aside from bringing back their heavily coveted Rose Powder Blushes from last spring, Milani is embracing the foil eyes and matte lips trend this season. Watch the video below for the whole scoop on each of the new products I’ve been trying.

Rose Powder Blush ($7.99)

These are a must-have for sure, and I’m glad they are being added to the brand’s permanent collection! The pattern is just mesmerizing, and on the skin they’re even prettier. These blushes are incredibly smooth and easy to blend without any streakiness at all. With a heavy hand, the pigmentation is intense, but I like to lightly sweep onto the cheeks for a natural look.

milanispringblushesmilanispringblushswatchesL to R: Coral Cove, Tea Rose, Romantic Rose

Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick ($4.99)

The best five dollar lipsticks you will ever buy, I promise. The first two are being added to the normal line with high-shine and pigmentation, while the following eight give you a soft “cashmere matte” finish with all of the color. They’re infused with Vitamins A & C to nourish your lips and keep them feeling hydrated throughout wear time. The shades are long wearing, and the dark ones will leave behind a slight stain.

milanispringlipsticksmilanispringlipstickswatchesL to R: Catwalk Pink, Power Pink, Matte Innocence, Matte Naked, Matte Blissful, Matte Diva, Matte Orchid, Matte Glam, Matte Passion, Matte Confident

Fierce Foil Eyeshine ($9.99)

These were an unfortunate dud for me, and certainly not worth the price. These “eye-enhancing glosses” are certainly pretty and stay shining for hours, but don’t stay still on the lid or apply evenly on a consistent basis. The best way to use these— or justify the purchase— would be to tap over eyeshadow to intensify the finish or add shimmer. I’ve also found them to be pretty on the inner corner as a highlight, but beware: even though they are ultra creamy, glitter fallout is still somehow possible.

milanispringshinesmilanispringshineswatch1milanispringshineswatch2Top: Milan, Rome
Bottom: Florence, Venice

Fierce Foil Eyeliner ($6.99)

I was very happy that these liners worked so much better than the Consellation Gels from last season. The formula is spot on: firm in the pan, but soft on the skin. They’re packed with shine and the color stays fierce all day. They each come with a small liner brush that actually applies them smoothly and precisely. You can also use them as a cream shadow or base; I haven’t worn them all over the lid, but I do like smoking them out!

milanispringlinersmilanifoillinerswatchL to R: Black Gold Foil, Purple Foil, Brown Foil, Navy Foil

All Milani products are PETA and Leaping Bunny Program certified as cruelty-free. They are one of my favorite drugstore brands, because they typically deliver vibrant, high performing products for affordable prices. Although the Eyeshines were a disappointment, the rest of the line stood strong. I’m pretty certain I’ll be using each of the new matte lipsticks every day of the week until they’re nubs!

You can find these releases in drugstores this spring; they’re already popping up online, as well.

What will you pick up from the Milani Spring 2015 collection?


26 Responses

  1. Michelle Marino
    | Reply

    The fierce foil eye shines remind me of the new trio of glitter cream like shadow thingys physician formula just came out with. I am also having troubles with the texture of them :-/

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      Yeah, I find them most usable for inner corner highlight but not much else!

  2. polarbelle
    | Reply

    eye enhancing “glosses”? Uh oh, like they stay wet? I’m glad to read that the liners are so nice because I bought those too. 🙂

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      Yeah they stay a bit tacky on the lids, and slip and slide around (especially if you put on enough for full opacity). These are def. just going to be used for occasional inner highlights for me.

  3. RebeccaBBird | HelloPrettyBird
    | Reply

    Those lipsticks look amaaaaazing! Bummer about the Fierce Foil Eyeshines though, they look so pretty in the pan.

  4. BTBAshley
    | Reply

    I really cannot wait to find these at my local drugstores. I want the blushes and a sampling of the other new items.

  5. Honeygirlk
    | Reply

    I have been enjoying these a lot lately… Aren’t they fabulous? I think Milani just is awesome!

  6. FabZilla_Kath
    | Reply

    OMG, I want to buy all the lippies! Great spring collection I must say!

  7. PrimeBeauty
    | Reply

    I’m currently trying this collection and liking it. I need more lipsticks!

  8. mynewestaddiction
    | Reply

    I have been playing with all of these <3 Loving it

  9. jamie @makeuplifelove
    | Reply

    I want alllllll the lippies. The fierce foils look amazing too. Actually I need it all. Lol

  10. Brittany
    | Reply

    I’ve got these and I can’t wait to try those lippies. Eeeeeek!!!! P.S. You’re so great on video. Okay yeah, I’ve seen your vids before but I hardly watch more than 2 mins of any vid and I always watch yours!

  11. Brooke @ Blushing Noir
    | Reply

    Awesome swatches! I love when Milani gives us new things. They always outdo themselves!

  12. Citizens of Beauty
    | Reply

    So many great products! Love all the lipsticks..

  13. Allison @neversaydiebeauty
    | Reply

    I haven’t tried the gel liners yet, but I’m glad to hear that they’re better than the Constellation liners.

  14. Phyrra
    | Reply

    All the lipsticks look great!

  15. Cosmetics Aficionado
    | Reply

    I just bought some of the lippies, but I haven’t been able to find the Fierce Foil eyeshadows.

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      Well it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t find them 😛

  16. Kim Porter
    | Reply

    I need all of this! The blush and lipsticks are gorgeous.

  17. Miki Nyckel
    | Reply

    OMG I need those eyeliners!

  18. Nidia Doherty
    | Reply

    I like the looks of those eyeliners!

  19. marciaf
    | Reply

    I only have the eyeliner and I’m impressed with it.

  20. Erika
    | Reply

    I have a couple of the rose blushes and love them. And, they are beautiful to look at. I need to try the Fierce Foil liners and the lippies.

  21. Destany
    | Reply

    LOVE the lippies!

  22. DailyBaileyB
    | Reply

    Those lipsticks! I picked up Matte Nude when I found the display, but am SO tempted to make those purple my spring and summer jam!

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      Seriously, they are even prettier in person. I just want to wear Matte Confident EVERY DAY!

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