How the Pulsaderm Buddy Saved my Travel Photos

You guys… I’m totally missing London right about now. It’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve been back now, but I just loved exploring the sights and knocking things off my bucket list. What I’m not missing, however, is how crazy my skin went upon arrival. In Los Angeles, we’ve got relatively warm spring weather going on right now. London was a 180: dry, cold, and windy. My skin did NOT like the sudden change. Can you say dry patches and peeling galore? Not cute for my travel photos!

REVIEW: Pulsaderm Buddy Cleansing Brush

Luckily, I had packed the Pulsaderm Buddy with me. This small cleansing brush is perfect for travel, as it’s lightweight, waterproof, and fits right into your palm. Its rechargeable battery (which can be charged from a wall outlet OR a USB) holds power well. It lasted about 20 days before needing to be recharged!

REVIEW: Pulsaderm Buddy Cleansing Brush

Like other cleansing brush systems, the device comes with two brush heads— one for normal skin, and one for sensitive skin. I particularly preferred the sensitive head to use with the Buddy’s pulsing vibrations for effective cleansing and exfoliation.

REVIEW: Pulsaderm Buddy Cleansing Brush

As soon as I noticed my skin clashing with London’s environment, I ditched my makeup and and took the Buddy to my face with some Pond’s Cold Cream. I moved the brush in circular motions slowly on my cheeks and chin (the problem areas) as well as my forehead. After rinsing, my skin looked and felt better immediately. My face was smooth, even, and a perfect foundation for makeup. I repeated this about every other day on the trip to keep everything in check, and my travel photos were saved.

REVIEW: Pulsaderm Buddy Cleansing Brush

I liked that the Pulsaderm Buddy brush pulses rather than spins, because it feels more gentle than those that spin. However, I will admit that even the sensitive brush head feels harsh at times. I kept the pulsing on the lowest setting of two so not to overwork my skin. They do actually have a Super Sensitive brush head for delicate skin, which I think might work better for me.

REVIEW: Pulsaderm Buddy Cleansing Brush

The brush does a really thorough job at scrubbing off all of your makeup; you can see it on the brush right away. I’ve been using it with the cold cream ever since the trip as my main method of makeup removal, because I’m sick of wipes not getting the job done. Depending on your foundation, this can make the bristles start to look dingy, so you have to be sure to clean the brush thoroughly with antibacterial soap between uses. After a while, you might start to see staining. Cleaning it frequently will keep it looking good for as long as possible. (In the above picture, the brush head I’ve been using is on the left, and you can see how my foundation has tinged it a bit compared to the unused brush)

I can’t deny how much the Pulsaderm Buddy helped keep my skin looking great while traveling and far after my return. It retails between $50 and $69, and the brush head replacements cost $22. This system does ring in to be cheaper in the long run than the Clarisonic— though I can’t compare the two, having not experienced the Clarisonic. Though, I do find it a lot easier to handle and store than other brush systems I’ve used.

How do you keep your skin looking great while traveling?



  1. This is adorable! If you travel a lot it’d be a definite must have. I’m dying to go to London. Can’t get the hubs out of the country kicking and screaming lol I’m on my own 😉

  2. My skin and hair hated the UK weather as well, though I love the place. And I have to go back there in June – my hair is already falling off anticipating trouble!

    1. lol! hopefully june will have milder weather than april 😛 I loved the place too… I’d go back in a second!

  3. I love that it has a pulse feature, and an extra-sensitive brush head. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also totes adorbz.

  4. I like how small it is. Definitely convenient for travel. My husband always talks about London weather (he’s from there). He says the chill and wind go through your bones.

    1. You know, it wasn’t as cold as we *thought* it was going to be (and my family is from Chicago so I know cold) but it was still just such a vast difference from LA that my skin freaked!!

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