How to Fix Smudged Lipstick the Right Way

There’s something about wearing dramatic lipstick that fills me with confidence. I love it, especially for spring when the brights come out to play. But nothing’s worse than applying a gorgeous color, only to smudge it accidentally. What do you do?

You’ve probably experienced this, and proceeded to try and wipe away the excess product along the lines of your lips. Instead of getting that crisp shape you were striving for, you’re left with a feathered look that’s less than on point.

How to Fix Smudged Lipstick the Right Way | Slashed Beauty

I picked up this trick on how to fix smudged lipstick a few years ago, and it’s a complete life saver. Especially with red lipstick, when smearing it can make you look like you’ve got some virus going on. Yuck!

Instead of wiping the lipstick off along the perimeter of your lips, push the smudge into the center. This will avoid product from being rubbed in and staining your skin, so when you reapply it looks just as good as you were aiming for the first time. Watch the video below to see the difference between the two.

On my lips: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella (from the Sephora Beauty Insider free birthday gift)

Hope this beauty hack helps you save your bright lipstick looks!




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