Moisturizing Lipsticks that Last! Pixi Naturellelips Review

I’ve been leaning more and more toward wearing moisturizing, balmy lip products recently. Not only am I recovering from an extra dry winter season, but I’ve also just gotten over a cold that left my lips really chapped from mouth-breathing. Usually, wearing hydrating lipsticks means I sacrifice long lasting color as the finish wears off quickly. But that’s not the case with the new Pixi Naturellelips!

Moisturizing Lipsticks that Last! Pixi Naturellelips Review and Swatches | Slashed Beauty

These brand new lipsticks from Pixi moisturize, seal in hydration and offer a beautiful wash of color. Their formula includes Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E and Jojoba Seed Oil for smooth application and a cushy feel. They come in these cardboard tubes which I’m not particularly a fan of— they seem like they can get smushed at the bottom of a bag. But other than that, I’m a big fan of these lipsticks.

Pixi Naturellelips Lip Swatches | Pecan, Peony, Poppy, Raspberry, Nectar, Primrose | Slashed Beauty

Row 1: Pecan / Peony
Row 2: Poppy / Raspberry
Row 3: Nectar / Primrose

The Naturellelips start out on the sheer side, but can be built up for more of a punch. Even the brighter shades are still incredibly wearable and flattering, staying slightly muted. These are so easy to apply, and the formula is forgiving. You can truly swipe, mush your lips together and go.

The feeling of these lipsticks are a bit unique in that despite being balmy and moisturizing, they’re stiffer than what you might imagine. I actually like this because since it’s not as slick, it lasts longer in terms of color. It’s also not slipping out of my lip lines and also transfers less than a wetter product.

Pixi Naturellelips Before & After Photo, Review and Swatches | Slashed Beauty

Above you can see how the color wore throughout the day. Raspberry is admittedly the most pigmented shade in the collection, and I was really pleased with how it lasted through a meal. It left a stained look behind that is incredibly even. There was no feathering at all, and has an overall blotted appearance. Throughout the day, my lips stayed super comfortable and hydrated, even after the product “dried down.” I never felt like I needed to go in for an extra layer of moisture.

Moisturizing Lipsticks that Last! Pixi Naturellelips Review and Swatches | Slashed Beauty

Overall, I’m really hyped about this new line from Pixi! I hope they expand it beyond these six original shades, but at least we have enough for a range of looks. I’d love to see more mauve and berry tones.

You can find the Pixi Naturellelips on the brand’s website for $12.


  1. I just bought this lipstick, the color looked like something I’d like, but then I tried to put it on, and it was like rubbing a candle stick against my lips. The color was blotchy and then I couldn’t get it off. I felt like I was going to rip my lips trying to get it on and off. 🙁

    1. I hope you didn’t get an old one. Try warming it up on the back of your hand before applying to get the creaminess going!

  2. I agree with Miranda, that the packaging might be the culprit. I love this lipstick! I have the
    non-cardboard tube, and I have no problems with the application or the results. It glides on smooth and the finish is kind of like a sex kitten finish, powdery and light. It makes me feel like I’m in Paris. The Primtose color is perfect, light enough for daytime and dramatic enough for evening. So far so good.

  3. Cruelty-free? Reasonably priced? Bright shades? Comfortable-but-tenacious wear? Non-drying?
    Yes, please!
    AAND a local Walgreens has them in stock for same-day delivery!
    Oh, internet, thy name is temptation!
    And I mustn’t blow another cent this month!

  4. “Easy to apply”? Are you kidding? They drag your lips upon application because of the rock hard formula to the point where it hurts. I had two of these and both were like that. The worst lipstick I ever tried.

    1. You are 100% correct. I’ve bought hundreds of lipsticks in my life and this was hands down THE WORST I’ve ever tried. AWFUL.

      1. I’m starting to think the cardboard packaging may not be storing this formula in the most optimized way. I got mine when they were fairly new on the market so I wonder if a tube has been sitting around a while, they may be drying out.

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