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Pixi Multibalms Review & Swatches

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August 23, 2016

Multi-purpose products are handy all times of the year, but Fall seems to be the busiest time of year as some of us come back from vacations, some of us go back to school, and others are just ramping up for the impending holidays over the next few months. So with the Pixi Multibalms recently launching, I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them ASAP.

The Pixi Multibalms are chubby color sticks with a cream to powder formula that adds quick pops of color to your look. They can be applied to the cheek and lips, and you can either mix and match or use one color on both features to tie a look together with one product. The formula contains aloe vera, shea butter, and rose hip oil for a very moisturizing feel and easy blend.

The size of the balm itself is a convenient size for applying it precisely where you want it, and is compact enough to throw in your bag or travel case. These apply like a matte cream with not very much slip, and go on pretty sheer on the skin, though look a bit more pigmented on the lips. They dry down to a matte powder finish that almost looks like a stain and very natural on the skin, and layering is easy when you want a little more color.

From right to left, the shades are: Baby Petal, Watermelon Veil, Sheer Sculpt, Wild Rose, and Soft Strawberry. The first of the above swatches are about three swipes of each layered, and then blended out below. With the exception of Soft Strawberry, which packs a lot more color than the others, you really do have to layer these on if you want anything more than a subtle hint of color.

I found Baby Petal to fade the quickest, being the lightest shade of them all, with Wild Rose and Soft Strawberry hanging in there for a few hours before fading. However, even though they faded a lot, my arm swatches did last a full 24 hours! To get the color to stay strong for longer, let the shade sink in for a minute or two before you blend it out so it has a chance to set a little bit.

Overall, these aren’t necessarily for days you want to go super bold and heavy on makeup— they’re more for a one-and-done or on the go application when you just want a soft hint of color for a little more polish. They add a healthy flush to your face while acting as a moisturizing tinted balm on the lips. The Pixi Multibalms are perfect for streamlining your every day, fresh faced look and are only a cool $12! You can find them at your local Target available now.

Which shade would you get the most use out of?

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  1. MonicaP
    | Reply

    I really like Soft Strawberry and if the products are sealed and not broken into . then I will for sure pick one up 🙂 I need to pick up the Pixi toner this week at Target 🙂


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