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Why I Love Halo Engagement Rings

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August 24, 2016


As of August 7th, 2016, I’m officially an engaged woman! After nearly five years of dating and months of planning, Adam popped the question after I jumped out of a plane… exhilarating, right? Want to see how it all went down? Watch the video below.

While I didn’t know when the big day was going to come, I had a very strong feeling that Adam was proposing this year. He had started asking me about my ring preferences back in March, and I had sent him a bunch of styles that I found on Pinterest. I could easily spot my “type,” since I noticed that most of the inspiration I sent him was photos of halo rings.

Halo rings are definitely in style right now, but really came into popularity during the Victorian Era, with a big resurgence in the 20s Art Deco period. Even though it’s very popular currently and some may think it’s a fad, I think the setting itself is classic and a nod to the golden Hollywood Glamour years.

After I had showed Adam the type of ring I liked, he actually went to a jeweler named Shuli at Lorraine Fine Jewelery in Santa Monica (2530 Wilshire) to design each element of the ring. She works with a lot of custom pieces, and happens to be a close friend’s mom, and helped him every step of the way to create the ring of my dreams. As you heard in the video, as soon as he put it on my finger I squealed, “It’s perfect!” It is everything that I wanted and then some.

If you’re on the fence about choosing a halo ring, here are my two cents on why this style is perfect.

1. Get Away with a Smaller Center Stone

Let’s get real: the halo, which refers to the band of smaller stones surrounding the center, adds a lot of surface area to the ring and makes the entire thing look a bit bigger. Size may not necessarily matter to you, but this fact does take a little pressure off when the budget is tight. I was surprised when Adam opened the box to also see a large center stone, but ya know. 😉

2. The Halo Can Protect the Center Stone

With a solitaire, as is the style’s purpose, the center stone stands alone to make the statement. However, this can make it more vulnerable to every day wear and tear. I feel a little more at ease knowing that having my center diamond mounted deep within the halo gives it an extra barrier of protection, since that’s the stone that counts.

Wondering if you should choose a halo engagement ring? Here are four main reasons I love the style and chose it for my own ring.

3. You Get More Sparkle!

Again, depending on your personality this could be a pro or a moot point, but the surrounding diamonds in the halo tends to make your center stone reflect and sparkle more. I’ve seen this first hand when I’m in my car and my ring is reflecting the sunshine… I love the effect.

4. Customizable Style

The halo style can look a million different ways, allowing you to really get a ring you love. You don’t have to stick to the popular round cut— halos can be found for pretty much any diamond shape. Your band is also an opportunity to keep it simple or add more character. You often see halo rings with a single, simple band… though I’m actually glad Adam chose this split shank band, as I feel like the stone and halo are secured better with two anchor points and there’s less room for snagging.

Of course the bottom line is, if you truly love a ring, go for it! Yes, practicality matters, but this is the ring representing your love for the rest of your life. It’s okay to to be picky.

What’s your favorite ring style?


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  1. Linara
    | Reply

    Wow, that ring really is beautiful. I love it! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary btw 🙂

  2. ViViana Acevedo Barahona
    | Reply

    You made me cry with this video! Although I like flat rings (they don’t get stuck in your hair or clothes) I loved yours 😉

  3. jamie lynn prata
    | Reply

    Congratulations again Miranda!! I’m so happy for you. That ring is GORG!!!!! Great job by Adam!!!

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