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Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips Review & Swatches

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February 27, 2018

Hi, I’m Miranda and my liquid lipstick drawer (yes, I have a drawer-full) is overflowing. I’m not kidding. I was supposed to do a declutter a couple months ago after I cleaned out my normal lipstick drawer, but never got around to it. Plus, liquid lipsticks are still being released at a rapid pace and I’m struggling to keep up!

So, as with every recent liquid lipstick that ends up across my desk, I sort of let out an exhausted sigh when I received the new Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips. What was actually going to make these different? What was going to make them stand out among the literal sea of liquid lipsticks I already own? What will keep them on top of that pile?

The five shades that make up the MatteLast Liquid Lips line currently are rather neutral— another reason my curiosity wasn’t instantly piqued. On the other hand, neutrals never get old and there is still a good range within the five colors to compliment a variety of looks.

Despite the small packaging, you’re actually getting a decent amount of product inside— .24 oz. Plus, you really don’t need that much for full color application. Inside, you’ll find a pointed doe-foot applicator with a reservoir gap to grab color from the tube and glide it on your lips. I really like tapered-point applicators like this, because I find it easy to get the exact lip shape I want without using lip liner ahead of time. I’m able to get precise application and hardly need to double dip.

Let’s take a look at each shade.

Pastel Petal

Pastel Petal is your perfect every-day shade. It’s a neutral pink that will match pretty much everything.

Matte Beige

Matte Beige is basically a your-lips-but-better color for me. It’s on the warm side but still very neutral and subtle.

Au Naturelle

Au Naturelle took me by surprise because of the name. It’s much more of a bright coral as it leans orange rather than anything that would resemble a “natural” lip color. To me, it doesn’t really match the tube color and is definitely an outlier in the group.

Really Rose

Really Rose is a gorgeous medium rosy pink. I think this color would look great across many skin tones.

Evening Rose

Evening Rose Is probably my favorite— a little deeper than Really Rose with more of a mauve tone to it.

All swatches were taken without double-dipping the applicator back into the tube except FOR Au Naturelle. That was the only one that needed a little layering, probably because it’s so bright and any sparse areas become very noticeable. All others glided on with full opacity.

I exfoliated my lips a day before taking these photos, and the finish I got was really gorgeous. The matte finish is indeed a classic matte look, but it looks very smooth… not wrinkly or crumbly. With the formula being infused with rosehip oil, it was rather flexible and comfortable to wear. I am incredibly picky when it comes to dry lips, and these didn’t bother me in the slightest. When I say flexible, I mean that as I move my mouth— whether it be eating or talking— I don’t see my lips cracking or flaking at all.

I was most interested in wear time, though. With “last” in the name and claims of “extremely longwearing” color, I needed this final push to accept them into my collection. I’ve found that as long as you let them dry down completely before doing anything crazy, then you’re solid for at least 4-6 hours with some eating, and no transfer on drinking glasses. I ate a whole salami sandwich on a french baguette and only had a bit of wear in the corners of my mouth and the innermost parts of my lips. Everything else looked pretty dang great— the finish wasn’t even compromised. Now, if you try something oilier, they’ll slip off.

On that note, they are easy to remove with a normal makeup remover cloth, unlike some long-lasting lipsticks. In the end, I gladly ushered them into my bursting liquid lipstick drawer. I truly enjoy the shades, but most of all the finish. I really like how smooth the color looks and how comfortable the formula is. They’ll be getting used year-round for sure. Even if you’re not usually a fan of matte lipsticks, I think these are worth a try.

You can find the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips at Target.

How many liquid lipsticks do you currently have and use?

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